How the coronavirus crisis affects the other major leagues

The coronavirus has caused different reactions in the different major leagues of the continent. In Portugal and Italy have opted for the complete break while in England, Germany Y France football will continue, although it will be done behind closed doors.

England. The Premier continues without public but with free PPV, by Alberto Muñoz

Although Leicester Y Arsenal are quarantined (late at night it was known that Arteta tested positive), the Premier League will not stop. For this day, it is planned that all the games will be played behind closed doors except those that concern the two aforementioned clubs, which will have to find a date in the calendar. The more than likely cancellation of the Champions Y Europa League It makes it easier to place those games during the week. “If we are considering suspending major events, it is not because of the sport itself, but because of the burden it places on public service,” he said. Boris johnsonBritish Prime Minister, who for the time being parked the problem. As an extraordinary measure, the televisions with broadcasting rights announced that they will allow the subscribers of the clubs and all those fans who have paid for a ticket to a match of this day who will be able to watch the matches of their respective teams for free on their televisions. . On the contrary, to avoid crowds of people in bars and pubs, they have been prohibited from broadcasting the meetings of the day.

Italy. Series A, stopped until April with two infections, by Mirko Calemme

Italy live a tragic moment with the coronavirus: in the country there are more than 15,000 infected and, obviously, the whole sport had to stop. The government closed all stores except food stores and pharmacies and banned any sports competition until April 3, however, leaving a window open for international competitions, which will also be suspended soon. As expected, the infected also came to the A series: the day before yesterday Juventus announced that his defense Daniele Rugani The test was positive and yesterday 121 people from the Bianconan entity, including players, were quarantined. The Sampdoria, this Thursday, announced that he suffers COVID-19 one of his footballers, Manolo Gabbiadini. The blucerchiato team will be quarantined, and they do the same too Inter Y Verona, last rivals, respectively, of the Vecchia Signora and the Genoese. “Juventus also wants to give its help,” declared the president. Agnelli, “respecting the rules, I am in isolation at home, and doing something else, with a fundraiser for our health personnel”.

Germany. The next day is held behind closed doors, by J. C. Menzel

The BundesligaIn principle, it is scheduled to be held next weekend. The only measure it has taken is for all matches on Saturday and Sunday to be played behind closed doors. Early next week, Monday or Tuesday, a meeting of the League Commission, in which are the Bundesliga and the German Football Federation, and it is expected that they will make the decision to stop the competition, as in other countries, but until such a meeting is held there is no official decision. According to the Bundesliga 2, the expected situation is the same. It will be played the next day, behind closed doors, except for the Hannover, which already has two confirmed positive cases (Hübers and Horn). This team is in quarantine and will not be able to play their game against Dresden. At the League Commission meeting it will also be decided what happens to the second competition, but everything indicates that it will be suspended next week.

France. Ligue 1 continues 'in silence' until 15-A, by Andrés Onrubia

Although France It is one of the countries of Europe With more infections due to the coronavirus, French football will be played this weekend, although behind closed doors. Emmanuel Macron appeared yesterday in front of the media to talk about the measures that the Executive French, in a conference in which he did not specify any measure regarding sporting events, beyond those implemented to date. The LFP announced this week that all French football matches will be played behind closed doors, at least until April 15. The PSG-Dortmund It was already held without an audience, and although several coaches such as Villas-Boas or Galtier They have asked for the day to be suspended, football continues, for the moment. The two games of France, scheduled for March 27 against Ukraine and the 31 against FinlandThey have not been suspended either, but they will also be played behind closed doors. The final of the Coupe de la Ligue between PSG and Lyon from April 4 has already been suspended, and PSG-Lyon of the Coupe de France, which is expected to be postponed in the coming days due to the pandemic.

Portugal. Suspend their leagues indefinitely, by Fernando Kallas

Portugal It has also decided to stop in the face of the coronavirus threat. All the matches of the professional soccer leagues of First Y Second division Portuguese women were suspended indefinitely by the Federation and the Liga NOS, who met yesterday in Lisbon with the players' union and the medical representatives of the clubs to agree on the decision. “The Standing Committee on Calendars It will meet every three days for an evaluation of the state of the pandemic where it will discuss what additional measures need to be taken, “the Liga NOS explained in a statement published yesterday afternoon.” The meeting also agreed on the immediate suspension of all training sessions and the recommendation that all professional soccer workers adopt social containment measures, so that they can quickly resume normal sports activities, “the League reported. General Directorate of Health of Portugal (DGS), yesterday there were already 78 infected by the COVID-19 in the country and 69 of them are admitted.