How PFF graded Purdy, 49ers in Sunday’s win vs. Cardinals

What score did PFF give Purdy as well as the 49ers for their win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday?

The 49ers beat the Raiders 45–29 in the desert in Sunday. Brock Purdy was a hero on and off the field. It’s clear that Purdy has a strong arm because his typical depth of target is 13.5 yards, one of the best of his career.

The quarterback from Arizona got an overall PFF score of 86.5, which raised his six-week average to an league-leading 92.2 and gave him a passer rating of 140.4. It wasn’t easy because the Cardinals’ defense put a lot of pressure on Purdy’s play.

Even though he was under a lot of pressure, the quarterback hit eight of ten passes for 138 yards and two scores, giving him the best passer rating of 158.3.

There was a rush on Purdy, but he was still good. He completed all four of his passes for 60 yards or a score.

The player from Iowa State threw the ball all over the field. Only six out of his 24 throws were between the numbers. 15 of the tries went down the left, and only 3 went to the right.

Coach Kyle Shanahan is very pleased with how well his quarterback has seen the field during the game. Shanahan said shortly after the game, “He can see the whole field and do anything.”

“You can see that he is calm out there.” He can do something. When he doesn’t have time for something, he either acts quickly to check out and try not to take a sack, or he makes something happen that throws someone off schedule.

“Just running the offense, he’s had great control over it, and he’s made as many plays as any quarterback I’ve ever seen in these two years.”

It was time for the San Francisco 49ers to enjoy their second straight NFC West title. On Sunday, they beat the Arizona Cardinals by a huge margin and were able to wear hats and T-shirts.

Even though San Francisco wasn’t perfect to Week 15, their offense was once again very good, and it was enough to beat a tough Cardinals team.

With their biggest win, the 49ers stayed ahead in the race for the top spot in the NFC. Their next game is on Christmas Day against the Baltimore Ravens, who are the top team in the AFC.

But when Purdy got hurt in the second quarter, it looked like his return might turn into a nightmare. That’s why he’s likely to be the MVP.

But the worst-case situation didn’t happen for San Francisco because Purdy only missed three plays with a stinger.

He then converted a third down with a 19-yard pass to George Kittle and then hit Christian McCaffrey for a five-yard touchdown that made the score 21-13.

The front-runner for MVP did great again, making plays against the defense, avoiding pressure up the middle to find McCaffrey to score a 41-yard touchdown in the first drive of the third quarter, and showing off his downfield accuracy with a perfect back-shoulder throw to Deebo Samuel, which was his fourth touchdown pass of a great game in his home state.

There are a lot of players who are set up to be open for Purdy, which helps him, but the 49ers quarterback keeps doing a great job of boosting an offense that has the best floor and ceiling in the NFL.

“Winning the division is exceedingly important—it’s a big step for us,” McCaffrey stated. “But everybody knows where we want to be.”

We know we need to play the highest quality ball every week. Everyone is going to give it their all, so the level of skill has to keep going up.

McCaffrey got his second touchdown shortly into the third quarter. He sneaked out of the backfield and scored from 41 yards out, giving the team a 28–13 lead.

The running back was wide open, so he jumped to catch the ball, fell, got back up, and ran to the end zone.

Phoenix’s Dennis Gardeck gave Purdy a hard hit on the left shoulder in the second quarter, which caused him to leave for a short time.

Gardeck was given a 15-yard penalty. Late in the drive, though, the quarterback came around and struck McCaffrey for a 5-yard td with 1:14 left before halftime, making the score 21–13.

Cardinals coach Jonathan Gannon said, “We need to play better than that if we want to beat a good football team.” “We didn’t give up, but it got away from us in the end.” “Thanks for the effort.”

With 26 completions out of 39 attempts, Murray gained 211 yards, scored one touchdown, and threw away two others.

They have lost two games in a row since he came back from tearing his ACL in his right leg last month.