How much does it cost to travel on a private jet like that of Juan Carlos I: in suite with French wine and Michelin star menu

Juan Carlos I is back in Spain. With this sum, he has already made ten visits to his homeland since he left to live in Abu Dhabi in August 2020. This trip comes after nine days since his last stay, which included the wedding in Madrid of the mayor and Teresa Urquijo -now ‘sister-in-law’. ‘ of Irene Urdangarin for her courtship with Juan – and the funeral mass in memory of her nephew Fernando Gómez-Acebo. At 12:00 in the morning on Wednesday the 17th, Felipe VI’s father landed at the Peinador airport in Vigo. The emeritus has traveled on a private plane that uses the VistaJet company to travel. We calculated how much it costs to travel on a jet like that.

VistaJet airline promises a high-luxury flight experience. On its website we see a spacious aircraft cabin with a business suite enabled for working or relaxing in a family rest area. Each jet has a cabin host and two pilots. Private lunches and dinners are served on board, designed by Michelin-starred chefs, who adjust their menus to seasonal produce. Wine lovers can also enjoy a selected liquid menu, with references from French vineyards such as Clos de Tart and Château Smith Haut Lafitte.

In the menu offered to passengers we find starters such as salmon, cucumber and sesame sashimi, sweet potato salad; terrine of venison, quail and foie gras; smoked chicken and mushroom fricassée and king oyster with mushrooms; Tuna Carpaccio; for mains, beef stew with potato cake, duck breast or cod soup with vegetables or sweet potato gnocchi. For dessert, chocolate truffles with plums; pears with wine and saffron; blueberries with passion fruit jelly or custard with ginger and cardamom.

Abu-Dabi to Vigo: 88,000 euros

Prices vary depending on the size of the aircraft. For example, in the case of a medium-sized cabin, the hour of flight would cost about 4,000 euros. In the event that Don Juan Carlos had departed from the Abu Dhabi airport, the journey involves 11 hours of flight. Therefore the rental price would be 44,000 euros one way (plus 44,000 euros return). If the emeritus had boarded in Geneva, where his daughter, Infanta Cristina, lives, the duration of the flight is reduced to four and a half hours, which makes a total of 18,000 euros (one way only, plus another 18,000 for the return).