How many champion and runner-up medals does UEFA distribute and what are they made of?

tomorrow dispute the final of this edition of the Champions League 2021-2022 in the Stade de France. Marcelo o Hendersonas respective captains of Real Madrid y Liverpoolwill be the ones in charge of raising to the sky Paris the Big-eared, depending on which of the two clubs is the winner of the match. However, the UEFA not only delivers the champion trophy, but also distributes 80 medals between the two finalists.

Shield/Flag Liverpool

According to your Disciplinary Statutethe governing body of European football delivers 40 gold medals to the winning club, with no option to make more extra. Gold medals, although gold, contain a tiny amount of this metal. They are mostly made of an alloy of other chemical elements. They are all adorned with a ribbon containing the data corresponding to the final (year and venue) with designs and colors that vary each season.

The same happens with the Champions League runner-up. The UEFA distribute others 40 sterling or sterling silver medals (alloy containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals) to the entire expedition, with no option to create additional ones. The medals also have a band with a design similar to those of the champion.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

Of course, the medals that the players of the Real Madrid and the Liverpool from the hands of UEFA President Alexander CeferinThey have great sentimental and, of course, economic value. It is estimated that a medal accredited as champion of the european cup is valued between £12,000 and £15,000. Instead, between 13,200 and 16,500 euros. A good pinch.

Real Madrid y Liverpool They face each other this Saturday for the reign of continental football. The madridistas dream of being European champions for the fourteenth time. For the reds it would be his seventh Big-eared. The show is served.