How Europe hopes to solve its league championships

England. Liverpool will be champion in any case, by Alberto Muñoz

In England not only nobody doubts that the Liiverpool go to be champion of the Premier LeagueThey also have no doubts that it deserves it. Although there is no regulation specifying how an eventual cancellation of the competition would be resolved, a senior executive confirmed to the newspaper The Telegraph that there would be practically no opposition to handing over the title to those of Klopp. Its maximum competitor, the Manchester City by Pep Guardiola, is currently at 25 points, and even the Catalan himself has already recognized the victory of the Reds, who have spent three decades without rising as champions. Right now, they only need two wins to be a mathematician, although the Premier will not return until the beginning of April after the most important break since the WWII. In the event that they could resume it in April, a very optimistic scenario right now, they would try to finish the competition normally, but if the predictions that they will not be able to return until May or June are fulfilled, they will have to make another decision.

Italy. Serie A hopes to resume in May, by Mirko Calemme

The A series, in principle, it will not resume until April 4, although it is practically impossible for this to be the date on which the competitions begin again. Those infected by the COVID-19 They continue to rise in Italy (20,000 cases were surpassed yesterday) and suggest that, in the best of scenarios, it can be played again in May. The League has already made it known that its intention is “to end sports activities by resuming the championships when sanitary conditions allow them”, something that would be possible by postponing the Eurocup: Yes, the competitions should end before July 1 due to the important contractual (transfer of players, for example) and economic issues. If this were not possible, one of the options that earns points is the playoff between the first four positions to establish the champion, and a playout with the last four for relegation to Series B. “It's an old idea of ​​mine,” said the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, to Il Messaggero. “It would be an interesting event and a test to see how they would work,” he said.

Germany. The playoff is an option for the Bundesliga, by J. C. Menzel

In GermanySo far, no final decision has been made. The only thing that decided the DFL, the federation of the league in Germany, was to postpone the 26th day. In addition, he advised to prolong this pause until April 2. Next Monday there will be a meeting between the leaders of the 36 clubs of both competitions to discuss the next steps. Various scenarios are considered, from the suspension of the rest of the games and the cancellation of the course completely to the celebration of a playoff to end the season in an express way. Much depends on the decision of the UEFA with respect to Eurocup, taking into account that a possible postponement of the EURO It would give the DFL extra time until the end of June, at which time some players' contracts expire, to play suspended games. The goal is to end the season in any way, since a suspension from the rest of the season would result in a huge economic impact for the clubs.

France. Ligue 1 is debated in three possible scenarios, by Andrés Onrubia

The LFP announced this week that French football will stop until further notice, and, at the moment, nobody knows what will happen to the future of the competition. The options, as in all leagues, are multiple: from finishing the season without champions or descendants and ending it null, until the final stretch that still remains of the championship in June is played. Classrooms, president of the Lyon, has already proposed that the Ligue 1 ends “blank” and that the European places are awarded to the teams that played Champions and Europa League This season, which would mean that Olympique Lyon could return to the Champions League, when the team is currently out of any European competition in Ligue 1. Meanwhile, the Lille he has proposed that the remaining ten games in France be played in June, and that the Euro Cup and the Champions League be postponed. The option that the PSG be champion, that there are declines and promotions as is the classification now and that the season is over in all divisions of French football. The LFP will not take action for two weeks, which is when the duration of the crisis will be elucidated.