Historical image of Trump, the first accused president of the United States: “It is time to go to hell,” say his detractors

With a serious face, sealed lips and a cold gesture of concern. so it has come Donald Trump to New York, to its Trump Tower, the emblematic skyscraper of 725 Fifth Avenue where he spends his previous hours before testifying in court in Manhattan for the case of alleged bribery of the porn actress Stephanie Cliffordknown as Stormy Daniels. The hearing is scheduled for this Tuesday, April 4. She chose for that first image a blue suit, red tie and white shirt. His wife, Melania, is also with him in New York. Upon her arrival in the city of skyscrapers, Melania wore a pristine white coat, the color that conveys optimism and friendship. Look with message.

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Trump, who will be indicted on 33 counts, will plead not guilty. The former president was charged last Thursday for the possible secret payment of $130,000 (120,000 euros) to the actress Clifford. Trump has thus become the first former US president to be charged, which could end his aspirations to return to the White House in the elections scheduled for 2024. At the foot of the tower, supporters and detractors dress up and display their banners, like this woman dressed as a devil who shows him the way to go to hell.

The former president published a statement after his impeachment in which he denounced “political persecution and electoral interference.” “This has never been done before in the history of our nation,” he reproached, while he has accused “the radical left Democrats” of “a witch hunt to destroy the movement Make America Great Again” and stressed that he is “a completely innocent person.” Below, the image of a about trump.