Historical debacle for TVE designed by José Pablo López: directionless under the presidency of Cascajosa

This past Friday, TVE’s La 1, in third place well below Antena 3 and Telecinco, plummeted to 7.7% share and was just 0.5 points ahead of a network that does not compete for large audiences such as It is La Sexta, which has long outperformed the public in its mornings and middays, and now it is also trying to do so in prime time.

The TVE designed by José Pablo López suffers a historic debacle: La 1 has once again dropped to third position and points to a year-on-year drop of 0.6 points (which contributes to the state radio and television channel group losing 1 point) . The Telediarios are also in crisis, having lost second place in prime time after the departure of Carlos Franganillo (partly due to the growing success of Chain reaction on Telecinco).

The public suffers a serious situation of ungovernability under the interim presidency of Cascajosa Conception, that it will only be able to build majorities in the Board of Directors due to the fear of some of its members that La Moncloa will intervene with a decree-law that appoints a single administrator who will fire them all.

We do not know if Cascajosa knows, but what we can say is that he does not answer: he has not granted interviews, nor did he take advantage of his presence in the Congress and Senate Monitoring Commission to RTVE to present his future guidelines, perhaps because he lacks them.

The public has not announced who will present Mornings despite the fact that more than a month ago Informalia revealed that Atresmedia has stolen Jaime Cantizano, who will not be there after September. And another fire could be lit at noon by the controversial cancellation of Now or never after a year and a half on the grid with at least decent audiences.

The magazine presented by Monica Lopez and dedicated to tourism, gastronomy or culture will say goodbye on June 28 without RTVE having a replacement guarantee. And in the public they cannot repeat the scandal of the weekend noons, sunk with the DHeart (which has “perverted” a cheap format with duplication of costs.

The program presented by Jordi Gonzalez y Anne Igartiburu makes water with a proposal gossip which is not justified among the priorities of a public service with limited resources: TVE’s 1 has become a refuge for Telecinco’s bouncers (Jordi himself, Terelu Campos, Alba Carrillo, Rocío Carrasco or Lydia Lozano). It is striking that La 1 has monopolized its schedule with celebrities doing things (gatherings, dances, recipes and in a few days even renovations) while quality fiction, documentaries or debates are neither present nor expected.

Mónica García charges against the most aggressive and least white Masterchef

José Pablo López imposed a commercial profile on a public channel in order for the share increase thanks to its pink excesses. But not even for those: La 1 does not get up from the canvas while the famous people make cash with infinite gigs of formats more typical of private ones. The only thing that seems to work for them are the big events and the various versions of Masterchef, which was already in previous stages, although it receives criticism for having become its version for Spain in a reality show aggressive that has little to do with the white international format that triumphs in more than half the world. This fact even angers members of the Government, such as the Minister of Health.

The MásMadrid activist was alarmed by the unbearable attitude of the jury members towards Tamara because he decided to leave the program due to exhaustion. “Prioritizing emotional well-being over hectic paces of life is not selfishness, but a brave decision. Our commitment to mental health involves addressing the causes that make life hurt. We do not want a society doped with caffeine and anxiolytics,” wrote in X.

Media related to the Government have opened friendly fire against the format. El País has collected the testimony of a former contestant who was very angry with the dynamics of the program: “You heard how they told the judges over the earpiece which contestant they had to expel, but they kept telling you that it wasn’t like that. “You think they’re going to take care of you and you end up feeling like shit, with everyone talking down to you,” he explained.

The tensions related to Masterchef have caused the rumor mill to skyrocket after it became known that Mediaset España has bought a gastronomic reality show from the format’s producer. Shine Iberia. The landing of the adaptation of Next Level Chef on Telecinco could facilitate the future landing of Masterchef in the Berlusconi company.

Oppositions at RTVE

RTVE also fails in other ways such as the oppositions it has called after more than a decade without doing so. The National Court has forced them to modify them and even for that reason they do not seem to care about the process. The USO union has denounced a failure by the company Cegos, hired by the RTVE Corporation for the oppositions. The fall of their platform, they point out, generated “enormous doses of concern and stress in all those who have rushed the deadlines to sign up or expand documentation.” These rulings have forced RTVE to extend the registration period for the oppositions. “At USO we ask and demand that an internal audit be carried out to assess whether the contract with this company is adequate and whether the conditions are being scrupulously complied with by Cegos,” says the union.

And if this is not the case, they demand “that all responsibilities be purged, since we are giving an absolutely third-world and regrettable image.” It should be remembered that the tender that Cegos won was formalized on 12/13/2021 for 586,874 euros (taxes included) and was extended on 11/15/2023 for the same price, amounting to a total of 1,173,748.4 euros