Highlights from the Eighth Week of the 2023 NFL Season: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Buffalo Bills

Highlights from the Eighth Week of the 2023 NFL Season: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Buffalo Bills

After leading the Buffalo Bills to a victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a score of 24-18 on Thursday Night Football, quarterback Josh Allen maintained his perfect record in the NFL.

Allen had a completion percentage of 78 percent, leading to 324 yards of passing and a touchdown as a result of his passing.

Shortly after the ball was released, his pass was tipped, and he threw an interceptions as a result.

In addition to his performance via the air, Allen rushed for 41 yards and scored a touchdown despite only having seven carries to do so.

Allen is quick to reach for his feet when he needed to, slipping when he needed to in order to avoid contact with other people when necessary.

Due to Dawson Knox and Quintin Morris both recovering from injuries, the only active tight end who made the game-day roster was the rookie Dalton Kincaid, who played the position of tight end.

Kincaid finished the game with five receptions, which he turned into 65 yards and his first score of his career.

After suffering a setback in Week 7 against the New England Patriots by a score of 29-15, the Buffalo Bills currently own a record of 4-3.

Even though Western New York isn’t in the midst of an apocalypse, it feels very much like the end of the world could be on the horizon if they suffer another loss.

The offensive appeared to be out of sync the week before, and the blame might be placed on beyond the usual suspects.

It’s true that Ken Dorsey, the offensive coordinator, has room for improvement, and the passing offense’s secondary options didn’t look very impressive.

Following comments made about thinking excessively in comparison to simply playing football, fans have every reason to be concerned about the Buffalo Bills. If he’s not right, the Buffalo Bills aren’t right.

The superstars on this team, like as quarterback Josh Allen or receiver Stefon Diggs, need to be given the benefit from the doubt, though.

Even if it would not be able to make an impact with a win early October against a football club with 500 players, a statement might be on the way.

Already, Buffalo has dispatched of subpar opponents such as the Las Vegas Raiders or the Washington Commanders with relative ease.

It is more difficult to play complimentary football when there are injuries to the defense, but if the offense gets off to a quick start, that may change the dynamic.

When you get to that stage, all that’s left to do is execute against a club with less talent, preferably one that doesn’t have No. 17 at quarterback.

However, saying something is simpler than actually doing it. They haven’t gotten off to a quick start in several weeks, and Tampa Bay’s superior run defense won’t make that effort any easier. But neither did quarterback Josh Allen. Neither did he.

for Thursday, you shouldn’t count for either side to be very effective running the ball. As a result, it is possible that it is time for Allen to shatter the “in case of emergency” glass and take full responsibility for the offense, including both the passing game and the running game, at least for the time being, until matters get back on track with his surrounding cast.

This season, the Buffalo Bills have proven to be a challenging opponent for rival teams due to the fact that they rank among the top five in both scoring offensive (third-best with 28.3 points per game) & scoring defense.

The Buccaneers rank 23rd with the NFL in 2023 in terms of their offense, averaging 297.7 total yards per game off their offensive side of the ball.

They allow 342.5 total yards per game, which places them in the 20th spot in defensive efficiency.

The Bills are a top-five unit on their offensive side of the ball, currently ranked fifth-best in the NFL with a total of 369.7 yards per game thanks to their offensive production. They allow an average of 329.6 yards on defense, which is good for 14th in the league.

On offense, Buffalo is currently averaging 256.9 yards of passing per game, which places them sixth in the National Football League.

The defense is ranked 10th overall and allows an average of 201.3 yards of passing per game.

On offense, the Bills are averaging 112.9 rushing yards per game, which ranks them 14th in the NFL.

On defense, however, they are allowing their opponents to average 128.3 running yards per game, which places them 23rd in the league.

This season, Buffalo has a turnover margin of +3, which places them 10th overall in the NFL.

They have caused a total of 14 turnovers, which ranks them second in the NFL, and they have turned the ball over 11 times, which ranks them 21st.