Hidalgo has not yet repeated the starting team this season

Sabadell signed their first point of the season in Zaragoza and Antonio Hidalgo seems to be starting to hit the mark. So far, the block has not carbured and the harlequin technician has not yet found his trusted starting team. Hence, In the six rounds he has played, he has not repeated 11 starters. Between injuries and sanctions it has been impossible for him to give continuity to a system, but in Zaragoza he would have glimpsed the way to go to start winning games.

Hidalgo has presented six different lineups in the six games played. And so Only two players can boast of having always appeared at the start of this campaign: goalkeeper Ian Mackay and Grego Sierra. Both were already key for the coach last season and, now, in Second they remain untouchable. What's more, in the case of Grego Sierra, he has participated as both a central and a midfielder. Then There is a group of three players who have only disappeared from the starting team in one game: Ibiza (who had not yet signed in the first league match at Sabadell), Undabarrena and Guruzeta.

Shield / Flag Sabadell

Getting it right to make Sabadell a competitive team in the Second Division is one of the greatest challenges that Antonio Hidalgo has marked. In Zaragoza steps were taken to achieve it and on Thursday, against Leganés, he has a new litmus test. The 5-3-2 presented at La Romareda fulfilled and there were moments of very good play. Only the goal was missing. For this reason, the technician considers whether to give continuity to that starting block. It would be the first time this course.