Hiba Abouk denounces machismo after his breakup with Hakimi: “When we started dating, he didn’t earn anything”

The actress is currently in the process of divorcing Achrafi Hakimi after he was accused of sexually abusing a young woman in his home. After two years of marriage and two children together, Hiba Abouk demanded half of his fortune from the footballer (they married in community property), a fact for which it has been described as “interested”. She has responded emphatically to all criticism: “We live in a macho and misogynistic world.”

The one who was the protagonist of Prince He responded to María Patiño this Wednesday: “Taking into account that when we started the relationship he didn’t earn money and I was better known than him… Imagine”, said Hiba. “The good thing is that what they say no longer affects me, I want to be discreet so that tomorrow does not affect our family. I trust justice and common sense that they are on my side.”

The battle with the father of her children is expected to be complicated, because before making her break official, Hakimi put all her assets in her mother’s name: “I don’t know if she has, but what if it were true? If she doesn’t , will not be able to get rid of that woman”, said the ‘mother-in-law’ a few days ago. The actress claims 10 million euros but he is not willing to raise both. According to her published The vanguardAbouk’s legal team is studying to sue him for a crime of fraud.