Heynckes already has someone to shade him

The purple has once again covered Bayern Munich after achieving a spectacular triplet, which seven years ago had a former Athletic coach as a privileged driver. Jupp Heynckes is delighted with the “individual and team leadership, empathy, credibility and communication” of Hansi flick, who does not act authoritatively “because he is the key sports official. He is not the boss because of his position, but because of his personality ”.

In this way the German coach has expressed himself in the DFL magazine (captured by AZ), in which the former rojiblancos technician emphasized the value of several of the pillars of the Bavarian team. Heynckes exceptionally praised Thomas muller.

He said that, next to Gerd Müller, Raumdeuter is one of “the most extraordinary players in the history of German football” and added that “he has once again shown what has always made him stand out: being a diligent team player and an unusually strong runner.”

He is the key sports officer. He is not the boss because of his position, but because of his personality

The flowers also went to Kimmich, “The epitome of a professional footballer, who also represents what makes FC Bayern what it is”, a player for whom “football is his hobby, his job, his soul. At the same time, he has developed as a person ”.

As to Neuer, Heynckes He recognized the solid form he exhibited this season: “He is, at this moment, the best and one of the strongest in this history of American football,” he praised him.

Of course, Lewandowski it took a lot of praise. “Not only was his goal count worldwide, but also how he worked as a team player. If a world footballer is chosen, there is only one who deserved it in 2020: Robert Lewandowski ”.