Helena Oma: “I am very grateful for this opportunity to wear the national team shirt”


Casademont Zaragoza guard Helena Oma, debutant in the Spanish team’s training camp, confessed this Monday that she is “very happy and grateful” to “wear the shirt” of the national team, a “privilege” and an “opportunity” in which He wants to “help” and “enjoy the experience” with a group whose “cohesion” he highlighted.

“I am very happy and grateful for this opportunity. It is a privilege to be able to share with these great players the experience of wearing the national team shirt, and to be able to be with ‘The Family,'” the player stated to the media after her first training session with the national team.

Oma celebrated the “reunion with some old teammates” and highlighted that the entire group is “very nice.” “They have welcomed me very well, they are helping me a lot and I have nothing bad to say,” said the guard, before highlighting the “cohesion” of the squad. “It’s clear that you can already see it from behind the screen, but sometimes you see it from the outside and say ‘oh man, is it really like that on the track?’ And the truth is, yes, they are a constant joy and pure energy,” she applauded.

The Casademont Zaragoza player, MVP of the Copa de la Reina final, hopes to “enjoy the experience” and “help.” “To continue doing what I have done all these years, which are what have allowed me to be here today. So to help as much as possible and give my one hundred percent,” she commented.

“We all work daily to achieve these objectives. Obviously being recognized is a merit and means that we are on the right path. So, very grateful, but we know that everything is not there and that we are going to continue fighting,” she added about her first call , before which she was “very nervous”, but Alba Torrens’ role as a veteran was key. “She gave me peace of mind and made me come with a different mentality,” she thanked.

Finally, Oma valued the role of the also debutant on the list, the American who became Spanish nationalized a few months ago, Megan Gustafson. “The poor thing can’t be there yet – due to an injury – but I think she’s going to help us a lot and she’s going to be a great reference within the team,” she concluded.