Health, money and love: Inés Arrimadas gets a breakthrough in a new life stage

New stage for Ines Arrimadaswho has signed as head of Institutional Relations for the multinational Recurrent Energy and thus joins private activity after leaving politics after the almost definitive collapse of the oranges in the municipal and regional elections.

Very happy to announce my incorporation as Chief ESG & Communications Officer at Recurrent Energya subsidiary of Canadian Solar. I return to the private sector hand in hand with a world leader in renewable energies. Thank you very much for the trust!”, the former politician announced this Thursday on her social networks.

Arrimadas left politics on June 1 and put an end to a decade-long career, which began in Catalonia in 2012 and where he led his party to be the most voted in that territory in 2017, in the midst of the crisis over the 'procés'. He made the jump to Congress after the April 2019 elections and replaced Albert Rivera at the head of the party after the debacle in the repetition of the general elections in November of that year. He now faces a new stage in a company, a subsidiary of Canadian Solar, where he will work on the consolidation of this company and its expansion throughout the world.

Inés Arrimadas and her new life with Guillermo Díaz

After the rumors of separation that surfaced a few months ago and that the former politician took it upon herself to deny, Ines Arrimadas has put an end to his six years of marriage with Xavier Cimathe father of her two children: Alex which was born in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and Marc, who was born in March of last year. This is what we published on November 23rd. It must be remembered that Informalia He already spoke this summer about the complicity and rapprochement of the former leader of Ciudadanos with someone who was one of his colleagues in the orange formation, Guillermo Diaz.

Inés Arrimadas and Xavier Cima

Inés Arrimadas and Guillermo Díaz

He became her great support and great refuge after leaving politics as a result of her party's electoral debacle. For some time now, there has been talk among her colleagues of the extinct orange formation of a “distancing” between Inés Arrimadas and the father of her two children. What's more, it was said that she moved to Jerez not only because it is her homeland and her family lives there but also because she is closer to Malaga, the city where Guillermo Díaz was a deputy and where she resides. .

Graduated in Law from the University of Malaga, he is a lawyer, although he does not currently practice. He works as cinema exhibition complex manager and has collaborated with several media outlets in scientific and historical dissemination programs. In 2013 she joined Ciudadanos and in the 2016 general elections she was number two on the list for the province of Malaga. In April 2019, Arrimadas placed him as the head of the list for the province of Málaga, winning the seat and, after the elections in November of the same year, he maintained the seat.

On June 2 he announced that he was leaving politics. He then told journalists in an appearance without questions “it is good” that political activity “is temporary” and that “it is good to know how to leave.” His resignation occurred 24 hours after Inés Arrimadas, former leader of the orange party, also announced that he was leaving political life after Ciudadanos' electoral failure on March 28.