Heading for Real Madrid also in the Cup | Copa del Rey 2019




Golea Zaragoza in a party Romareda (0-4) and qualifies for quarterfinals. Vinicius marks and leads the attack

Vinicius scores the third goal of Madrid in Zaragoza.

I left Madrid to the Cup rooms, dispatching a serious function to the willing Zaragoza, driven by a nostalgic fans of tag nights. Only the local defense squeaked in the presentation of a classic scented match of Spanish football. The full Romareda, the festive day in the city and the swollen pressing from the beginning. A youtuber He walked around the ring under tremendous ovation. The music of Total challenge, the same with which the Plus opens its retransmissions in the 90s, located fast in that time of the Rafadon't fuck me, the debut of Ral here or the goool of Nayim, when Spain was done for a while from Zaragoza or Depor, perhaps everything less contaminated by politics than now. The markers are the same and the local coach, too. I arrived on the bus Vctor Fernndez excited for the reception of its people, so happy to enjoy for a day the luxuries of the past. (Narration and statistics: 0-4)

Madrid's lineup was Champions, with more substitutes in front of them than in their ranks. It was noticed from the beginning, despite the absence of the pillar of the zidanism. Casemiro Surely he delivered his last game from here to the end of the season (sanctions aside). Without him, even a small opponent can climb the beards for a while, because Valverde He lacks an office for a position of such responsibility. In that relocation I found Kagawa, the star maa, some air to try repeatedly to Areola. Lose your team by then, very soon down thanks to the auction of Varane on the second stick, at five minutes. He got the ball after opening his legs intentionally Vinicius. Was Kroos, as in Valladolid on Sunday to Nacho, who puts her flat and strong parallel to the goal line.

James, accelerated

Zaragoza did not sink, I live in attack but very fragile behind. Marcelo He roamed to the left without paying much attention to Kagawa, who once climbed through his area to the front. His shot forced the stop of the French goal, in the best opportunity of the owner of the field. Madrid was traveling somewhat in the middle, with James everywhere and nowhere, somewhat accelerated. It is logical that the Colombian wants to take advantage of every moment of football. His bad start to the course has removed him from the dynamics of the offensive front where it has not been expensive to appear. Figurines like l o Bale They have not taken advantage of it. In another range, Jovic Nor is it taking out returns to its ownership. It barely intervenes, they just pass it on. It is difficult to define him as forward. Unlike Lucas Vzquez, which in his own way usually gives Zidane what he asks: work in the recovery, centers in the area, some attempt to dribble and whatever arises.

The Galician did not tremble when he fell 0-2. Step aside and shot well placed. All veins of a bad exit of the local James, mediocentro somewhat stunned. Vinicius at first collided with rival, but Kroos managed to recover again to put it back in the area. S felt the second blow Zaragoza, several points below in intensity of a very serious Madrid. Without Modric neither Isco, violins were missing, but not the solidity that has led the whites to overcome the doubts of the beginning of the season to the league leadership and the advance in the Cup, already in the quarterfinals. Zidane understood that even less carat tournaments serve to be left tattered by credit (Legans, 2018). That is why the Super Cup was taken seriously and that is why it circulates through these qualifiers without experiments and with headlines that are waiting hard work this Saturday in the derby. Ramos, for example, played 70 minutes. The pressure of La Romareda did not allow Madrid to disconnect at any time. Even after Vinicius' goal, Areola had to put his leg in order to leave the white net at zero one more day.

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