He who sins and prays, ties: Tamara and Íñigo will donate part of the exclusive of the wedding to a Christian organization

Much has been said these days about the exclusive of the wedding of the year, that of Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva. The Marquise de Griñón and the car designer will say ‘yes, I want’ on July 8 after she decided to forgive him for her infidelity with a girl at a music festival, as our readers will well remember.

This day is so awaited that several television programs assure that their friend magazine, the one with the greeting, will pay a figure with up to six zeros for the couple to pose on its cover next to Isabella Preyslergiven that Carolina MolasÍñigo’s mother has refused to appear.

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how we countthe future mother-in-law of the daughter of Carlos Falco she does not want to be part of this world and, despite Tamara’s despair, she has only agreed to be in a group image. Aurelio Manzano confirmed it this Saturday in Fiesta: “It is probable that in some photo we will see Íñigo’s mother”.

The journalist also assured that the exclusive “is already closed” and revealed that part of the money that Tamara and Íñigo pocket, “will be donated to a Christian organization.” We know that faith is a fundamental pillar in the life of the sister of Enrique Iglesias and that her fiancé is doing everything possible to get away from the nightlife and embrace religious values. As that popular saying goes, he who sins and prays, ties.