Hazard returns to kilometer zero in the middle of yellow fever

A Cádiz flag flies this week in the city’s Plaza de Sevilla, whose fountain has been lit up blue and yellow at night. This is intended to convey to the public that the plan of salvation Cadiz is municipal, thing of all. It is at stake to keep the best ambassador in the city in the front row. What Middle Madrid, the less relevant, is a maintenance exercise for greater cause, the end of Saint Denis, for Cádiz is an exercise in survival (follow the game today live in As.com).

Madrid measures the party in minutes, which will give those who rested against Levante. Cadiz does in points. The good part is that it depends on itself, because the clash arrives with Levante relegated, with four points ahead of Alavés and two over Mallorca. The bad part is that if you lose, your stay will hang by a thread, because the calendar plays against: the Mallorca faces in the remainder two teams aimless, Ray and Osasuna, and Alaves visit to a lift down and it ends in Mendizorroza precisely against Cádiz. A yellow victory would almost definitively clarify the panorama: they would descend to Alavés and visit them with that depression on top of them on the last day. A draw would be more dangerous because if Mallorca beat Rayo they would no longer depend on themselves (they have lost their goal average with the Balearic Islands). Close precedent isn’t in his favor: He hasn’t won two in a row so far this season. Exactly what you need to stay in First Division without looking the other way.

Cádiz has only beaten Madrid four times in 30 matches, the last one being last season in Valdebebas. The other three, at home and for the minimum. In the same league tied at the Bernabeu and less than a month ago he won the Nou Camp. Understand, then, that is not to an impossible and so also believes his fans, who have sold out for a crucial match in the New Mirandilla.

New coach, new life

The shock plan launched by the club with the hiring of Sergio Gonzalez It has been an incomplete success. The team has scored 21 points in 16 days and carries and five out of the relegation zone. That was what Cádiz was looking for, a coach with immediate effect accustomed to express comebacks. Four years ago he went up to Valladolid starting from eleventh place. The results reflect an upward revision in practically all the indicators: a greater elaboration in combinations and time in goal plays, a five-point improvement in possession, 45 more passes per game and a much higher scoring average (from 0.75 points per game to 1.12). The five winter reinforcements have also helped, two of them (Rubén Alcaraz and San Emeterio) under Sergio’s orders already in Valladolid. Lucas Pérez has scored three goals in the League and one in the Cup and Luis Hernández has become essential in the center of defence.

Sergio González, during a Cádiz training session.

Sergio has known how to get the best out of Negredo (five of his seven goals in the League have come after the change of coach) and hook the fans. Even after the last defeat, against Real, he sent an optimistic message“If the Mallorca thinks will also save and Alaves, Cadiz has to think the same because right now has more points. “For the duel is low Alejo Ivan, injured in San Sebastián.

Aces poker vacation

In Madrid will return most of those who were in the derby, and alternate mix, and They are missing the four most notable players in the squad: Courtois, Modric, Benzema and Vinicius. Only within the last two have already scored eleven goals more than the entire Cádiz in this league. None of them traveling.

Ceballos returns to a call from Madrid.

Of the eight absent against Espanyol, Ancelotti recovers four, Carvajal, Ceballos, Hazard and Asensio, and Isco, Marcelo, Bale and Alaba are still out. Only the latter is in the plans for Paris. The clash is important for Carvajal, who has not played since the miracle against City. This time he seems safe, like Mariano, who fell very late in the Wanda duel. He has only started three times and is yet to score in another lost season. And Hazard returns, who disappeared from the lineups on February 19. On March 29 they removed a plate from his ankle, a joint that has become a nightmare since he arrived in Madrid. He has played 22 matches, his average since his signing for the white team, most of them incomplete, without pain or glory. Ancelotti announced yesterday that they are waiting for him again at the starting box. From there he starts today, with more hopes of his own and of the coach than of the fans. For him, it is already preseason.

The last thing you will see the Madrid before jumping to the New Mirandilla be inspired by a legend Alfredo Relaño, has already become a sign of the club and located in a very visible area of the tunnel: “Whoever is against Cádiz is against humanity.” The yellow fans expect the white team to believe it.


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