“Havertz should ignore Real Madrid now, he would have a terrible time”

Dimitar Berbatov, Betfair ambassador and legend of Manchester United, Tottenham or Bayer Leverkusen, He was emphatic in advising Kai Havertz, a German midfielder, not to sign for Real Madrid after the information that places the German in the orbit of the targets.

“Havertz should ignore the interest of Real Madrid. He should not consider any offer from Real Madrid right now. It is a very tough club to go and, on top of that, if he is not prepared for the high demands they always have, he would have a terrible time. Mira Jovic. Or even Hazard and Courtois, who were criticized earlier in the season. The fans still whistle at Bale and even did it with Cristiano Ronaldo. It seems incredible to me, ”Berbatov began his reflection.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

The ambassador of BetfairYes, you know that It is difficult to resist the temptation when Real Madrid calls you. “You look there, in white at the Bernabéu … but you have to be very prepared to face it. Havertz is still a kid, and if he stays at Bayer one more year, it will allow him to develop physically, technically and mentally”, added.

Berbatov predicts that the German will be a player for the future. “He will go very far, but now he wants to play, and that is guaranteed by Bayer Leverkusen. It will allow him to grow. He does not lose anything by staying. In the Bundesliga he will stand out and continue to be on the agenda of Europe's great-greats.”

“The fans will continue to whistle at Bale on TV”

Regarding the high degree of criticism expressed by the Real Madrid fans, Berbatov ironized about the situation that Bale is experiencing.

“I am sure that many fans who used to boo him in the field will now whistle for him on TV”said the Betfair ambassador. “I will never understand that attitude. Playing behind closed doors in his own house will be good, because there will be no one to whistle at you in your field,” said the former striker.

“In the case of Bale I think it is already personal. It does not matter what he does, it does not matter if he scores five goals, they will continue to find something to criticize him for. Sometimes I wonder how it is possible that with so many sticks that hit him, he is still there. I imagine you must like something … “Berbatov wondered.

“It is too early to criticize Mourinho”

This Friday Tottenham receives Manchester United in the return of the Premier League. For Berbatov it is a personal 'derby' between his two teams. “I can't choose one or the other! I love you equally. Both are in my heart and I want them both to win everything, which is impossible, of course, “began to analyze the game.

A duel that, on the side of Mourinho, also faces ‘The Special One’ with one of his exes and, in addition, will be another test before the criticism he received prior to the break. “I hope the Spurs finish as high as possible, in the Champions League, even if the point difference is large. On the criticism, that people wait for the next season, to normality. It will be then when measuring Mourinho, but now it is too soon ”, defended the ambassador of Betfair to luso.

“Pochettino will return, but Mourinho deserves respect and extra time”

In those criticisms of Mourinho, the comparison with Pochettino always emerges. “Pochettino will return. Everyone would want him back to Tottenham, of course, but for the moment, the one who is Mourinho, who has many successes behind him. He deserves respect and extra time. Give it to him and then, if you want, you start to criticize him “Berbatov concluded his remarks.