“Have a good trip, abu preciosa”: the unpublished images with which Alejandra Rubio remembers María Teresa Campos broken

She was the first member of the family to speak from the La Paz funeral home, in Tren Cantos (Madrid), and also the first to say goodbye to her broken grandmother on social networks. Hours after the cremation of the matriarch of the Campos clan, Alexandra RubioTerelu’s daughter, has shared a letter with a series of unpublished images with her grandmother that we show you below.

“Goodbye to my precious grandmother. And as I said in the letter I wrote you: Thanks to you each one of us is who we are today, you have taught us values ​​and you have also influenced us to have the best education,” he wrote. .

Now she keeps everything she has learned with her: “I know that your life has not been easy, you have gone through very hard things that you have known how to carry with the best attitude and you have instilled that in all of us. Grandma, I will never tire of thank you and tell you how proud I feel towards you”.

The pain that the young woman feels in these delicate moments for the family is immense: “But above all, thanks to life for giving me the best grandmother I could have. I know that wherever you are, you will take care of us and I hope you continue to accompany me in the I walk from a distance, feeling very close.”

From now on, Alejandra will keep her grandmother in mind, the great Maria Teresa Camposin each of his steps: “All the dreams that I fulfill are for you. Good trip Abu, I love you with all my heart”, he has sentenced.

On the comment wall, Alejandra has received messages of support from numerous well-known faces. From Patricia Cerezo to Gloria Camila, Niña Pastori, Laura Matamoros, Alexia Rivas, Natalia Verbeke, Alba Carrillo, Anita Matamoros, Marta Torné, Frank Blanco and Cristina Cifuentes, among many others.

The respected and admired communicator died at dawn on Tuesday, September 5, at the age of 82 after being admitted this Sunday to the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital due to acute respiratory failure. The last months of her life have been marked by the worsening of her state of health until reaching the sad outcome. Personalities from all walks of life came to the La Paz funeral home in Tres Cantos to wrap up their daughters and her relatives. She this Wednesday she has been cremated. Her ashes will rest in Malaga, thus fulfilling her last will.