Harsh response from the Biondos to Raquel Sánchez Silva’s statement: “It is an insult to intelligence”

Santinamother of Mario Biondo and former mother-in-law of the presenter, expressed her enormous anger this Thursday at the latest statement by Raquel Sánchez Silva, in which she denies having participated in the Netflix documentary Mario’s last hours: “But who’s going to believe you?”

The Italian, whose relationship with Raquel Sánchez Silva ended after Mario’s death, assures that the presenter is lying: “Her lawyers affirm that her client did not participate in the making of the documentary that was broadcast on Netflix, neither directly nor indirectly… So the ‘widow’ should explain how the pseudo-documentary ends with the same words that she sent me in an email “To Santina” on July 9, 2013.” The message in question says: “I want you to know that when I lie there I feel him next to me. I feel him take my hand and I see how he smiles.”

Santina, who has sued those responsible for the documentary, adds: “You knew that this production was in progress and in November 2022 you ended the professional relationship with Guillermo Gómez Sancha. According to the content of the statement, you are against this production, and In nine months you have not done anything to prevent his departure? And she ends: “Who is going to believe you? This statement is an insult to our intelligence.”

Sánchez Silva’s statement

The presenter has sent this statement to the media through the Ontier office almost a month after the premiere of the documentary that analyzes the death of Mario Biondo, to whom she was married when he died at the marital home on May 30, 2013. She assures that he has not seen it nor does he intend to do so and that, of course, he has not participated in any way in its realization or production.

Below, we reproduce the full statement from the law firm of Raquel Sánchez Silva:

On the occasion of the premiere on August 3 of the series Las últimas horas de Mario Biondo on the Netflix entertainment platform, and in view of the news published by some media attributing the direct or indirect participation and intervention of Doña. Raquel Sánchez Silva in the realization and production of it, the ONTIER Spain Law Firm, which defends the interests of Ms. Sánchez Silva, reports the following:

1) Ms. Sánchez Silva has not participated or intervened in any way, either directly or indirectly, in the planning, recording and production of the aforementioned series, nor has she provided any information or content for its preparation.

2) Thus, in view of the proposal made at the time by her representative Mr. Guillermo Gómez Sancha and the Netflix platform, Ms. Sánchez Silva not only rejected any form of participation and/or intervention in that series, but also expressly and repeatedly stated , both Mr. Gómez and the directors of Netflix, their frontal opposition to the production and broadcast of any series or program on the death of Mr. Biondo, believing it appropriate to continue keeping the respectful silence that since such a tragic event has been maintaining .

3) Precisely the conflict that due to the refusal of Ms. Sánchez Silva to participate in said series has been generated between her and her representative, Mr. Gómez Sancha, concluded with the rupture, documented last November 2022, of the professional relationship that they had been maintaining for many years.

4) Ms. Sánchez Silva, who has not seen or intends to see the aforementioned series, has entrusted this Office with its viewing and the eventual defense of her interests in relation to its content, if necessary.

Having clarified the above, we beg you to keep the respect it gives. Raquel Sánchez Silva deserves to avoid relating, much less attributing, the recording, production and broadcast of the much-cited series to Mrs. Sánchez Silva, given her absolute disassociation with it.