Harry relives the accident of his mother, Diana, in the frantic chase of the paparazzi

There are words that when put together awaken the memory. “Car Chase”, “Paparazzi”, “Night”, “Catastrophic” Result, “Reckless Driving” and “Diana of Wales“. He Prince Harryhis wife Meghan and his mother-in-law, Doria Ragland, suffered a traumatic experience when they were chased (literally) by a group of paparazzi through the streets of New York City. For more than two hours. This episode inevitably reminds us of the terrible accident suffered by the prince’s mother, Diana of Wales, and which cost her her life. Same causes and same circumstances. It was in 1997. Harry was 12 years old and Guillermo was 15.

The Sussexes were in Manhattan. Meghan collected an award at the Women of Vision at the Ziegfeld Ballroom on Tuesday the 16th. On the way out, they got into the car. They were accompanied by the mother of the actress and her private security. A group of paparazzi, in cars and motorcycles, shot out after them. As detailed by CNN, there were no injuries, nor were there any arrests or calls to 911 for emergencies, reports the New York Post. But there was fear and danger from reckless driving. The photographers ran red lights and, as a result of the chase, numerous pedestrians and drivers of other cars were affected.

The New York police intervened in the incident. Wherever the caravan of cars passed, there was chaos in the traffic. The dukes changed vehicles, according to the chain. “They were very nervous and scared,” another witness told CNN. The paparazzi wanted to know in which hotel the dukes were staying during their stay in New York.

A night from hell for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which reminds us of that night on August 31, 1997, in Paris, when Princess Diana of Wales lost her life in the Alma tunnel after the frantic pursuit of some paparazzi. Her car, a Mercedes S2 80, in which she was traveling with Dodi Al Fayed suffered a total loss. The impact killed both of them and the driver.