Harry makes a splash by attending an event in Las Vegas hours after visiting his father in London

Surprise appearance. Harry attended an event in Las Vegas hours after landing in Los Angeles. The trip, just after his express visit to London where he met with Charles III, was a huge surprise for the audience at the NFL sports awards gala. It was his first public act after the interview he had with the 75-year-old monarch, who is receiving cancer treatment.

Harry was in London for 26 hours and the meeting between father and son lasted 45 minutes. These are the few details that the press handles about the visit of the Duke of Sussex to the City last Monday, February 5. There was no meeting with Guillermo or Kate. Prince Harry, who returned to Los Angeles the next day, barely had time to unpack his suitcase because he headed to Las Vegas.

There, at the NFL awards gala, Harry spoke, but avoided talking about his father and the cancer he suffers from. Without losing his sense of humor and with strength, the Duke made jokes about American football and rugby.