The graphic material they issue Harry y Meghan it is high voltage. Images of love, happiness and intimacy. In the kitchen of her house, in the garden, in the summer, playing the guitar, dancing. All very iconic. It is the space that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex share out of focus, but that they broadcast on the Netflix platform for the whole planet to see. It is the trailer of the highly anticipated series Harry and Meghanwhich the streaming giant has just made public (no release date) and that will surely raise blisters in Buckingham.


With hardly any sentences, except for a laconic “why did you want to make the documentary?”, a 1 minute and 12 second video starts. The photos shown are in black and white, a studied choice that provides that romantic, intimate (even more) and so cinematographic air.

In the middle of the trailer, Harry reveals that “nobody sees what happens behind closed doors”, a phrase that is illustrated with Meghan, crying inconsolably, clutching her mobile. There are three images in which the former actress appears broken in tears. “I had to protect my family,” the duke firmly settles.

The trailer is so brief that it doesn’t let us guess content, except for that resounding “protect my family” from the media spotlight. “With so much at stake, we shouldn’t tell our story,” Meghan launches in front of the camera, filling herself with reasons.