Happy four: Aitana is caught with a famous 'influencer' while Miguel Bernardeau fools around with Ester Expósito

Aitana Ocaña has given a lot to talk about this weekend for two reasons: his surprise visit to the academy of Triumph operation and his complicity with Biel Just during your vacation in Costa Rica. The singer had never before been seen with the influencer, who a few months ago broke up his relationship with content creator Carlota Bruna. But the soap opera does not end there, because these days she has also been linked to the Catalan's ex-boyfriend, the actor Miguel Bernardeauwith the interpreter Ester ExpositoAitana's supposed friend.

The performer began this year in Santa Teresa, where she enjoyed a few days of vacation after the first concerts of her 'alpha tour'. On her Instagram profile she published photographs and videos of her period of disconnection, and this already set off the first alarms: Biel Juste was also there. Shortly after they arrived the first images of them together, chatting complicitly and laughing at a party, just as he showed Socialite. Taking into account that the two are single, theories about their romantic situation have not stopped circulating.

After the breakup between the former triumph and Yatra was confirmed, there was talk of a rapprochement with Shawn Mendes, a musician whom he follows on social networks and with whom, they say, he has come to be in contact. However, neither the singer and the ex of Camila Cabello They have spoken about it.

Sparks fly between Miguel Bernardeau and Ester Expósito

The photographs arrive amid rumors that link Miguel Bernardeau with Ester Expósito. Both actors met in Elite, the series that brought them to stardom, and during the first years of the relationship between the actor and Aitana, the actress was very close to them. The three of them seemed to get along very well and, although It is unknown if the singer and the performer are still in contact, Various voices affirm that things have changed. At least, between Ester and Miguel.

The first information came through the Instagram account @salseología, dedicated to sharing findings from the world of the heart. In a postseveral users corroborated the special friendship (or who knows if it can already be considered a relationship) of the faces of Netflix.

According to reports from this portal, they were seen kissing on January 6 at the Chamán nightclub. “Honey, Ester and Miguel have been together since the December long weekend when they were seen at the racetrack together”commented a user, preserving his anonymity.

Aitana and Miguel Bernardeau ended their relationship after four years together two years ago, in the middle of promoting the series they starred in for Netflix, The last. A few weeks ago, the artist defined Ana Duato's son as her “first love”: “Without a doubt it was… Do I have to say the name? I was 19 years old with my first real love. “It was a long relationship of four years.”