Hamilton: “Vettel would be an incredible option for Mercedes”


The British driver Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) confessed that the German Sebastian Vettel, who retired from Formula 1 at the end of 2022, “would be an incredible option” for the silver arrows, replacing the seven-time world champion, who will race for Ferrari from 2025.

“I would love for Seb to return. I think it would be an incredible option for the team, to have a multiple world championship-winning driver, someone who has incredible values ​​to continue moving this team forward… I would love for him to return,” he said in published statements. by F1 on its website.

Thus, Hamilton spoke of a couple of sabbatical years for Vettel, who, however, has tested for the World Endurance Championship. Thus, the Briton slipped the option of the four-time world champion repeating what others like Kimi Raikkonen, Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso did.

“The only thing that really matters to me is that the team hires someone with integrity and values ​​that are aligned with the team. Someone with compassion who is able to work with all these great people and continue to encourage them,” he analyzed.

The Briton said that there are drivers “more selfish than others”, some who “are good, but perhaps not the best within team environments.” And he hopes that the one who ends up at Mercedes in 2025 will not be of this type. “I’m sure they have many options. I think it’s always great to give a promising driver a chance, so I think the idea of ​​a young man arriving is exciting,” he said.

And for Hamilton, F1 is a sport that will “always” be “missed.” “It’s the greatest sport in the world and it’s the greatest experience in the world. It’s the most incredible feeling to work with a group of people to win something, to achieve something. There probably won’t be anything that feels the same anymore. I haven’t asked None of the pilots are missing, but I can imagine,” he guessed.