Haaland’s reasons for choosing City and Guardiola

It’s official: Erling Haaland will play for Manchester City from next season. The club skyblue accelerated after his resounding elimination in the Champions League an operation in which he moved with care and stealth and whose figures AS has been able to access. It is the epilogue to one of the most recent media reports of a signing with overtones of show business and a thousand and one intrahistories between the lines.

As reported by AS, the Norwegian waited for Real Madrid until the last moment. Playing at the Santiago Bernabéu was his preferred option. It was also the white outfit, but the course of events in recent months changed the plan of both. The ‘everything to Mbappé’, together with the elixir of youth that places Benzema as the main candidate for the Ballon d’Or and the step forward of Vinicius and Rodrygo, have downgraded the signing of the Norwegian from priority to optional. How to fit a puzzle of such complexity both in the field and in the Financial Fair Play?

Photo de Erling Braut Haaland

The reasons of Madrid, therefore, have communicating routes with those of Haaland. He also has his own to choose the Etihad Stadium, as he relates Manchester Evening News. And they are not exactly cheap. The environment of the still player borussia He slips that he could have signed for the same salary, the 20 million euros net that will make him the fourth best player in the world, at PSG, Real Madrid or Manchester United.

Haaland-City: un motivo fraternal

If the sporting reason gave priority to Real Madrid, sentimentality has had a great burden in his final signing for Manchester City. There he played his father, Alf-Inge, for three seasons (2000-03) until Roy Keane shattered his knee. He has also been the one who has taken command of the final stretch of negotiations in coalition with Rafaela Pimienta, the heiress of Mino Raiola.

A) Yes, the Haaland dynasty is reactivated 18 years later at the Etihad Stadium to paternal joy: there are pending accounts. His son, moreover, still keeps a blue piece in his heart dyed in his adolescence. Viral is the photo of him dressed in the citizen shirt or his solo workouts with pants with the shield. In fact, it is even noted that he was part of staunch groups of fans of the English team on Facebook.

But, obviously, it is not a solely emotional signing. Pep Guardiola, above all, but also Phil Foden or Kevin De Bruyen hold the sports magnet. Continuing to evolve under the prestigious wing of the Santpedor coach excites the striker. And it’s mutual, Guardiola, after hitting the bone with the signing of Harry Kane last summer, already has the striker he longed for.

He does not exactly share the characteristics of English, but he considers it a challenge to integrate the missing piece in his particular game model. A monster with spaces and a cannibal in the area, but with the handicap of mixing collectively and increasing its radius of influence. In short, to improve his dazzling sports base and to do it with his teammates in a young and competitive first-line club, as he also intended. His known friendship with Phil Foden and his admiration for Kevin De Bruynewith whom it is predicted feelingthey completed the bonus track of their reasoning.