Haaland: “All you have to do with Odegaard is put him on”

Few know and understand each other better with Odegaard in the world of football than Haaland. Comrades in the Norwegian national team and with a promising future together ahead, many Madrid fans dream of seeing them both dressed in white at the Bernabéu, with Martin attending and Erling scoring. At the moment, the forward continues to grow in Dortmund while the midfielder has just left on loan to Arsenal until the end of the season due to the lack of opportunities at the white club. Haaland, who knows very well what his teammate's potential is, has not hesitated to send a message to Arteta, his new coach, to get the best of Odegaard.

“It will be interesting to see Martin at Arsenal, he is a great club in England. It's a little different football, but I think he can fit in well with Arteta in the playmaker position. You can have fun there, “Haaland said in statements to the Norwegian newspaper VG this Wednesday.

Yes, in the same message, one can intuit that there is another recipient: Zinedine Zidane, to whom he indirectly blames not having trusted his teammate more. “You need minutes. All they have to do is line him up and let him start playing. We know how good Odegaard can be. When you gain confidence with the ball, you know that incredible things can happen, ”concludes Haaland.