Guillermo Romo: “We must be very proud”

Cornellà forced Barcelona to play an extension to move on in the Copa del Rey. The green team, thanks to the interventions of Ramón Juan, showed a great image and the coach, Guillermo Romo, explained that “when you don't have the result in your favor, you have to have other sports values. There was commitment and intention. We should be very proud. We were not going to win the Copa del Rey, we wanted to play in the best possible way, have options until the end and that's how it was ”.

Cornellà Shield / Flag

Guillermo Romo praised the work of his Cornellà and it is that “a very great effort was made. Until extra time, my feeling is that the game was even in everything. Then we lacked energy, to go out with more criteria with the ball. But the thing is that in overtime the feeling was that you had to endure too many minutes. Dembélé, with his goal, threw everything to the ground”. One of the great protagonists of the duel was, without a doubt, goalkeeper Ramón Juan and Guillermo Romo was clear: “At the age of 21, he has been the starting goalkeeper of a Second B team for three seasons. He played a very decisive game and thanks to him we were alive with his saves”.

The truth is that Cornellà forced Koeman to give starting footballers onto the pitch and Romo explained it this way: “With their changes they were getting better and better. I saw Dembélé, Busquets, Pedri come out next to me … and of course, that complicates everything a lot. In addition, they already had world champions on the field”. Finally, he revealed that despite the 0-0 in the first 90 minutes “it never crossed my mind to go round because we didn't get ahead. I saw that the game was even, that it was already a difficult task, and I keep that ”.