Guillermo and Kate Middleton celebrate the fifth birthday of their son Louis with two never-before-seen photos

The youngest son of the princes of Wales is celebrating. Louis celebrates his fifth birthday this Sunday, April 23 and as tradition dictates Guillermo y Kate Middleton They have shared unpublished photographs of the youngest of the family.

Although it is common for them to be taken by the princess herself, a great fan of photography and well accustomed to portraying her children in scenes of daily life, the photos come this time from the hand of an expert in portraits, Millie Pilkington.

The endearing images show Louis, in a blue sweater and shorts, very funny sitting in a wheelbarrow full of straw carried by his mother. In another of the snapshots, he delights with a big smile from ear to ear in a beautiful close-up.

“Someone turns five tomorrow… Happy birthday to Prince Louis,” read the official Kensington Palace account along with the photos. The next time we will see the little boy with his entire family will be at his grandfather’s coronation, Charles III, on May 6. It is expected that together with his older brothers, Charlotte y Georgeparticipate in the procession with your parents.