Guede wants voice and vote in the preparation of the template

Málaga is already thinking about the next project. The team will close a horrible season in Lugo with the peace of mind, yes, of having their continuity in the Second Division assured. The sports management has been working for some time on the decisions that must be made to rebuild a squad that has been far below expectations and in which numerous changes are presumed to try to give a radical change to the team.

At the head of the bench will be Pablo Guede, who has a contract until 2023. The coach has lowered his thumb to several players In this final stretch of the course, he is very clear about who he does not have in mind for next season and also that he wants to participate actively in the sporting decisions made by the club.

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Guede wants a voice and a vote in the making of the squad and his preferences are very clear and the characteristics that its players must have, both at a football level and in terms of character, personality and attitude away from the field of play.

The Argentine has been forced to address a handful of misconduct by his players and has had a few run-ins with several of them in recent weeks. He is very clear about the codes and the red lines that should never be crossed in a locker room and his pulse does not tremble when making decisions as has happened in recent days in the League with players like Antoñín, Kevin, Víctor Gómez or Paulino.