Guardiola and his future pending a thread: in the City they don’t want him

The future of Pep Guardiola It is increasingly in the air. His disagreements with the fans of Manchester City, his defeats that have made him lose the fight to get the Premier and the ridiculous that starred in front of the Tottenham from Mourinho has made the board of the English set want to do without it to three weeks to visit the Santiago Bernabeu in the quarterfinals of the Champions League As published by the English newspaper 'Sun', Pep, players and staff had a meeting for 50 minutes after the game.

The countdown has begun so that the Manchester City from Pep Guardiola visit the Santiago Bernabeu, place where Real Madrid await you anxiously. Only 23 days left before the ball rolls and the situation of Guardiola in the English team does not seem to stand firm, because apparently, since the team's management plan to stop having the coach. Some disagreements with his own hobby that provoked criticism from many, and defeats that have made him remarkably stray from the leadership of the Premier (It is 22 points from Liverpool), in addition, the defeat he suffered last night against Tottenham from Mourinho It has been the most painful episode. (Mourinho busts the Guardiola Premier: at 22 and Sterling's injury!)

Therefore, as published by the English newspaper 'Sun', Guardiola he was locked in the locker room with all players and staff of the team between 45 and 50 minutes before attending the open press conference for all media. Already in front of the media, he was asked if the delay was due to a quarrel, to what Pep, Following in the footsteps of his characteristic hypocrisy he replied: “After playing like this? Never. How am I going to criticize them after making this match? I was talking to my staff and my wife. After playing like that it would be a great mistake to tell them how bad What are they”.

The truth is that everything points to the delay, indeed, has been a row, because for a few months the low performance that their players have experienced is remarkable. (They already put the 'band aid': the City, from “equip” to “the weakest of Pep”) In addition, the nervousness grows when knowing that there are only 23 days left to visit the house of Real Madrid. The countdown has begun, and the future of Guardiola It is uncertain.