Griezmann scored his first hat-trick against Elche

Without Messi, the responsibility for the goal at Barça falls on Antoine Griezmann. The Frenchman already knows what it is to mark Elche. In fact, one of his best memories is against the franjiverde team. Seven years ago, he scored his first hat-trick in the top flight for Elche.

That triplet, in 2013-14, was with Real Sociedad, in San Sebastian. The Frenchman signed a hat-trick that served to lead his team's win (4-0). Griezmann has taken the measure of Elche because He has scored five goals in four games. Apart from the hat-trick, he also made a double for Atlético in 2014-15.

Curiously, Griezmann has scored the same goals for Elche as Messi, absent this afternoon due to suspension. The Argentine also scored five goals in four games against the Franco-green team.