Griezmann launches cutting-edge technology boots: 90 g and '1915 CV'

In an industrial estate on the outskirts of Sveta Ndelja, a small town near Zagreb, one of the best electric supercars in the world is manufactured. Tremendous speed at zero emissions courtesy of Rimac that this Wednesday arrived at the feet of Antoine Griezmann by the hand of Puma.

In homage to one of its star models, The Rimac C Two, the German brand has collaborated with the Balkan car factory to create the Puma Ultra Rimac SL, according to them, the lightest boots in football history: only 90 grams. To compare, the classic Adidas Copa Mundial weigh just over 300 grams or the legendary Puma King go up to 270 grams. In its Mercurial SuperFly line, Nike also works with minimum weights but the German woman claims to have achieved the lightest.


Red in color with various black patterns and the logos of both the German brand and the automobile brand, these boots were already used by Griezmann in training for the French team and he premiered them in an official match against Croatia at the Stadion Maksimir in Zagreb. a few kilometers from the Rimac factory and also with a goal.

The Macon took advantage of a rebound in the area and hit with his left foot as strong as he was placed scoring a real goal. Now, he wants to continue his streak with his new weapons after scoring the first two goals of 20/21 in the friendly against Ukraine on October 10 and against the chess team. Croatian speed at the service of Grizou, who is still looking for his first goal with Barcelona.

A 'ship' with 1915 CV

From Croatia, Rimac produces both vehicles and electric motors for high-end cars. The Rimac C Two, on which Griezmann's new boots are based, is one of the jewels of his factory.

The supercar has four engines generating a four-wheel drive that combined adds 1915 hp of power. From 0 to 100 in 1.85 seconds and with a maximum speed of 412 km / h. A marvel of Croatian engineering that does not generate emissions and that you can enjoy from two million euros, although the enormity of extras (mood detector to change the music among many others) that can be added end up raising the price.

Automotive technology has been put at the service of puma football by building kevlar and carbon boots that do not reach 100 grams per piece. Of course, like the supercar, they will be an ultra-limited edition and only 412 pairs will be manufactured that have gone on sale at a price of 412 euros.. The figures are no coincidence as they are the same as the speed limit that this car reaches.