Griezmann kills the DJ | Copa del Rey 2019




“Where is Leo Messi?” Asked the local fans from the stands of Can Misses, which registered a historic capacity.

Fran Grim, on his knees before Ansu Fati, after the final whistle in Can Misses.

Almost two days after the tickets ran out, and a few minutes after starting the game, the councilman of Podemos, Aitor Morrs, led the resale. I have two tickets left over and now I don't know what to do, he commented in anguish, like carrying an illegal commission. Perhaps threatened with the possibility of ceasing to be the people, to become a public office to which they have given three tickets, I finally decided to keep them.

A few meters away, the president of Ibiza, Amadeo Salvo, starred in a rare scene, at least for a guy who just bought a club. It moves through its own field with a map. The excess of bleachers and, especially, the excess of candidates to occupy them, turned that into a maze. The half hour before the game made the diagonal through the center of the field more times than it would shortly after From Jong. The first passes the public cheered him, as he thanked him for the miracle, but in the end they decided to pretend not to see him.

That moment, next to that of Pablo Alfaro Encouraging its players in the center of the field at the end of the game, with almost 7,000 people applauding, which is one of the greatest manifestations in the history of the island, was like witnessing the birth of a club.

'Techno' instead of hymn

The possibility of seeing for the first time the players of the Bara with T-shirt woke up an unexpected interest in an Ibiza accustomed to seeing more celebrities any summer day at the beach of Ses Salines. It was almost as rare as going to football on the island. The bewilderment was such that the dj hired to animate the pinch prolegmen techno in the absence of anthem.

At no time did he feel that he was going to start a football game. It was the trap in which Bara fell, a fact that took advantage of the locals to take advantage of the costume they were wearing of the City. Leo Messi It was not long before he became the most chanted player from the preferred stand, just above the Bara bench. Where is Leo Messi? They asked about guasa. Probably the same thing he wondered Quique Setin.

If the president grabbed a tremendous anger because TV3 replaced the club's shield with the cherries of Pacha, it was not very well understood to turn the stadium into a disco. The vibration moved to the portable toilets with the people inside. The DJ's performance consumes it Antoine Griezmann, who probably prevented the stadium from becoming a despues de.

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