Griezmann: “I want to finish my career in Europe at Atlético de Madrid”

“You have to be constant and there came a time when João Félix got tired, he couldn’t see himself here anymore”


The French footballer Antoine Griezmann is clear about his intention to “finish” his “career in Europe” at Atlético de Madrid, stating that his current moment is the one in which he is “most” enjoying his game and the good results of his team, both in LaLiga EA Sports and in the Champions League.

“I want to finish my career in Europe here and I’m enjoying it, I know I have to give the level and I’m giving it. So I hope I can continue like this and have many years here at Atleti,” Griezmann said during an interview with Movistar Plus+.

“It is the moment in which I am enjoying the most. Now there is a ‘hype’ that I need to rest, that I have to take care of myself… But don’t worry, I take care of myself very well, I make every effort to be 100% and I am very well, enjoying and resting,” said the French forward.

Furthermore, he said about the English playmaker Jude Bellingham that “what he is doing is impressive because he has just arrived” at Real Madrid. “I am very happy with my performance. I enjoy it a lot, I am doing everything possible to make my teammates, my people and the fans happy. I am happy on the field, and it shows,” he stressed.

In the face of Atlético’s imminent league match against FC Barcelona, ​​Griezmann was blunt. “It will be a blow, but not decisive; there is still a lot of League. But we are very good, there is a good group, we are enjoying everyone and Barça is in doubt. So we have to look closely at how they attack and how they defend, but I think we will be prepared for this match,” warned the former culé player.

Regarding his short time at Barça, Griezmann made an analysis. “My first year was the time to adapt and I think my second year was good with the Copa del Rey, with goals and with very important games in the final stretch of the season. My first year was not good, the second was, and In the end people take stock,” he argued.

“They were used to a player who did what he wanted on the field and who moved all over the place, and at Barça it was a different position. I was more blocked, but there were moments when I also enjoyed it there,” he added. the French footballer, whose association with the Argentine Lionel Messi did not completely take shape.

“He played on the right and I knew when I went there that he was going to be more on the left. And there was no problem, but the adaptation time and that you had to be calm. Of course there were moments of sadness and anger because you see that things don’t work out for you, but it is what it is,” summarized Griezmann.


In this context, the name of the Portuguese João Félix, currently on loan from Atlético to Barça, came to the fore. “He started very well and now he has, I don’t know whether to say, a decline, in terms of goals or assists things are not working out for him. But he seems happy there and I hope he has a great year, except on Sunday. I always wish him the best “he noted.

“When you get here you know more or less what the coach is like, what the team is like, you adapt and work for it or things don’t work out for you,” he stressed about the little harmony that existed for several years between João Félix and the mattress coach. , Diego Pablo Simeone.

“There were times when João did very well, that he worked very well, but you have to be constant and there came a time when he got tired, he no longer saw himself here and that is why he made the effort and the club also made the effort to give him a way out. “Griezmann added. “Hopefully I didn’t score on Sunday and so there are no doubts about celebrating or not,” he continued about Félix.

On the other hand, Griezmann recalled one of his goals at Atlético. “I want to win a League because I have never won it, so I am going to do everything possible to be as high as possible until the end, with two or three games left,” he remarked.

And finally, the one from Mâcon sent a message to the red and white fans to reduce the euphoria: “Calm down, we have to continue; in the League and the Champions League everything is very, very long. So we will see where we are in March and there we are.” we can start talking.”