Greenpeace meets with LaLiga to end short flights

This week not only has been spoken in The league of the containment plan of the Coronavirus It has also pollution debate. Several members of Greenpeace eThey were meeting last Thursday with leaders of the employers' association to try to end, or at least reduce, with a practice that has already become common in sport: whats short plane trips when there are less harmful alternatives to the environment such as the bus or train.

The gout that filled the glass of the environmental organization was the express flight that Madrid made to Salamanca in January to measure in Union Cup and another that He made Zaragoza having AVE. These decisions were not understood by taking place shortly after wearing green at the Bernabéu as a gesture for climate struggle. The Barça, who flew towards the last Classic, neither is it saved from darts since air travel emits 20 times more CO2 than the train, a figure that increases with the charter.

LaLiga noted the proposals to include them in the minute sustainability information plan It has been developing for years. Nevertheless, could not commit to more. These rules will not be mandatory for clubs. Thus, Greenpeace, in its vigilance and awareness work, has designed a parallel classification to the official (CO2PA) where it measures the environmental impact of displacement. He wants fans to demand responsibility from their clubs to reduce the carbon footprint. Betis, Valencia and Betis are in Champions.