Green shoots in Saul

Luckily for Atlético, lately every game usually gives several good news. First, the three points, which in the end is what counts. From Cádiz, in addition to the triumph and some more joy, He returned with the good feelings that Saúl left, the surprise of eleven. Carrasco's loss pointed to I gave it for the band, that's how Simeone had tried, but finally he opted for '8', which Not only did he clash, but he adorned his performance with a great goal.

The personal performance slump and the system change They had complicated Saúl, who on top of it was dragging back pain that left him without playing against Valencia. Nevertheless, Simeone put him in the eleven to be the left lane. Last year he was a winger a few times, and in this case he would have more help from the center-backs and more options to reach the top. Also, away from the middle, you can risk more with passes and losses are less risky.

Connection with Lemar

Saúl quickly adapted to the new location and he got on pretty well with Lemar in the band. Between one and the other they gave 14 passes. Coincidentally, the most relevant came from the opposite side, 1-2. The Frenchman centered from the right, with an inward thread, and the Elche man took an acrobatic shot while turning, which he did an impossible parable for Ledesma. A great goal that led the team to the break.

Athletic Shield / Flag

So, the canterano is showing green shoots and telling Cholo that he's coming back. Carrasco has set the bar very high on the left wing and, in the middle, the triplet that they form Koke, Lemar and Llorente enjoys the total confidence of the technician. But Saúl adds little by little. In Cádiz he played 82 minutes; in Ipurua, 90; against Sevilla, 26 with a goal … And the coach, beyond having a defined eleven, knows that there are casualties that give opportunities (now they are Hermoso, Carrasco and Trippier) and there are changes that win games from the bench. For all that, and with his good game and his goal as arguments, Saúl raises his hand and asks for more.