Graph | The comparison between Nadal, Federer and Djokovic

The 20th Grand Slam title won this Sunday by Rafa Nadal at Roland Garros, with which he tied for the top of the men's list of all time with Roger Federer, confirms once again that the domain of the Big three, that select club that integrates the Spanish along with the Swiss and Novak Djokovic, does not seem to have an end. Since Federer beat Wimbledon in 2003, the three of them have won 57 of the last 69 Grand Slams. Only seven other players have managed to scratch a trophy (12 in total) in majors in more than 17 years: Roddick, Gaudio, Safin, Del Potro, Murray (3), Wawrinka (3), Cilic and Thiem (see graph).

The battle for supremacy in the Grand Slams between the three tennis stars is more alive than ever, with the tie at 20 titles between Nadal and Federer and with Djokovic on the prowl with his 17 trophies. The Spaniard and the Balkan have been able to add a title each this year, while the Helvetian has been left blank because in Australia he failed and has not been to either the US Open or Roland Garros to recover from two interventions on the right knee . But the Genius of Basel does not give up despite the fact that he has already turned 39 and time is playing against him. He has announced that he will be in Melbourne next January to try to continue adding successes in the great fight. As for the winners in the overall ATP tournaments plus Davis Cup and Olympic Games, Federer leads with 104, followed by Nadal (91) and Djokovic (83). Rafa has one that others cannot boast about, the Olympic gold in Beijing 2008, and he has not yet managed to triumph in the ATP Finals, as if they have made his eternal rivals.

In terms of head-to-head matches, Nadal leads Federer (24-16) and is getting closer to matching the balance with Djokovic (27-29). The Swiss has also lost it with the Serbian (23-27), dominator in this section of the legendary rivalry of the three. And in the ranking chapter, Djokovic seriously threatens the preponderance of Federer, who still commands in terms of weeks as number one with 310, but Novak is at 20 with 290 and has many possibilities to surpass Roger because Rafa, current number two, cannot reach him in the medium term. At the Australian Open, if all goes well and the pandemic does not prevent it, will return the historic struggle between the three active legends of world tennis. At the moment, at the top there is a tie.