Goodbye to Fernández Tapias: Jesús Vázquez, Florentino Pérez, Alfonso Díez and other personalities support Nuria González

After confirming this Wednesday the death of Fernando Fernandez Tapias At the age of 84, numerous friends and family of the popular businessman have traveled to his residence in the Puerta de Hierro urbanization in Madrid to protect his widow, Nuria Gonzalez, in this very difficult trance. At noon, the businessman’s entourage and well-known celebrities moved to the wake, which began at 4:00 p.m. at the funeral home in the Madrid town of Tres Cantos.

During the morning, the mansion in which the shipowner resided with his wife, Nuria Gonzalez -with whom he had a happy relationship for more than 25 years- and his two young children, Ivan (20) y Alma (16) has become a constant bustle of friends and family who, greatly affected by Fefé’s death, have traveled to his residence to support his family in this painful ordeal.

In addition to the popular chef Pepa Muñoz, Jesús Vázquez and her husband, Robertowere among the first to arrive at the scene to offer their condolences to Nuria, who was completely dejected, according to what the presenter told Europa press.

“I just found out and I’m a little shocked. This morning I didn’t turn on the TV by chance, which I always do, and I haven’t heard the news or anything. I just spoke with Nuria and I can’t tell you much, except that I’m very affected. ..”, he acknowledged with a broken voice, very emotional in his first statements after the death of Fernando, with whom he had had a great friendship for years.

“I love this family very much, I have spent many happy days in this house because they always welcomed us and I have known them for many years, I have known Nuria since we were single, so imagine, a whole life,” he added, revealing that the widow of the businessman is devastated: “It’s bad. Imagine how it’s going to be.”

And, as he has assured, the family did not expect this fatal outcome. “The little I know and what he was able to tell me is that he was in delicate health, but we were eating here a couple of weeks ago… and nothing,” he concluded before entering Fefé’s home to tuck Nuria in.

Shortly after he was the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pereza close friend of Fernández Tapias for decades and one of her great supporters, who attended to personally offer his condolences to Nuria, although, dejected, he avoided the media and entered and left the home by car without making any statements about it. painful loss for him too.

As the loved ones who have been arriving slowly to the place have agreed, and among those of us who have seen Karima Benyaichambassador of Morocco, despite the fact that Fefé had been in poor health for some time – hence her withdrawal from public life – her death was something “unexpected” since nothing predicted this sad outcome.

Another of the well-known faces who have wanted to support Nuria at this time has been the widower of the duchess of Alba, Alfonso Diezwho, crestfallen and very serious, has avoided talking about the businessman’s death or how his widow is doing.

Nuria’s mother and sister arrived minutes later in a taxi accompanied by another family member. Very affected and dressed in mourning, they hid their sadness under sunglasses and entered the house without making any statements to the press.

At the beginning of the afternoon, several people approached the funeral chapel of the remembered shipowner in the Tres Cantos funeral home in Madrid.

Among the familiar faces were Ana Obregón, Terelu Campos, Alejandra Rubio, Nuria Roca, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón o Lara Dibildos. Upon her arrival at the appointment, Nuria González and her children were seen, who were reunited with some of her siblings, very affected.