Golden victory for Mainz against Eintracht Frankfurt

Mainz achieved a golden victory on Saturday in the fight to avoid relegation by defeating Eintracht Frankfurt 0-2 at home. Fourth in the queue, Mainz beat Fortuna Düsseldorf by 3 points, which is in the promotion spot and tied at home against Hoffenheim.

With two minutes to go before the break, Mainz advanced thanks to Moussa Niakhaté's first goal, while those of Frankfurt, who after this defeat have a very difficult time qualifying for Europe, hardly disturbed their rivals.

And it is the one that Eintracht Frankfurt (11th in the table) has only won one of its last six games and did not shoot between the three clubs throughout the match. Kunde Malong's admission after a recovery in midfield allowed Mainz to decide the match in the 77th minute.

It was a crucial victory for Mainz in Frankfurt in their fight for salvation, a victory that places him 6 points from relegation and 3 points from promotion.