“Go shit, aunt”: Carmen Borrego explodes against Adela González after a comment about her son and daughter-in-law

The one that has gotten involved on the set of Save me this Wednesday. After the reporter Sergi Ferrer tried to talk to the son of Carmen Borrego and his wife in the middle of the street, the presenter Adela Gonzalez He has commented on the rudeness of both and the daughter of María Teresa Campos has taken out her nails for her own.

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Specifically, the Basque journalist has pointed out that the two lovers, who fled from the program’s bus as if there were no tomorrow, have committed an infraction when crossing the road. Carmen, outraged by this comment and the pressure from her other classmates, has exploded: “Go shit, aunt.”

Later, the sister of Terelu Campos has entered the set. She and Adela have tried to calm the waters despite the discord that the rest of the collaborators have caused. “I apologize because I’m very nervous,” Carmen told him, apparently repentant. “I accept your apologies,” González replied. “I thought my micro was not open,” Borrego later pointed out. “That yes that I do not believe it”, added González.

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This Wednesday, Carmen Borrego has granted an exclusive in her friend magazine to announce that her son, Jose Mariaand his daughter-in-law, PaolaThey are expecting a baby. The news comes just a few days after the controversial audios of the young woman speaking pests about Las Campos and Alejandra Rubio, something that has unleashed a real storm.