Gloria Camila reveals that she has called her sister: this is Rocío Carrasco's response

The reconciliation of the two daughters of Rocío Jurado It would be great news for the year 2024. Unfortunately, it does not seem that we are going to give it and not precisely because of Gloria Camilla. The daughter of Ortega Cano revealed this Thursday that he has been trying to get in touch with Rocio Carrasco: “I've tried for a long time, until recently.” Her sister's response is blunt: “she has never picked up my phone.”

Ortega Cano's daughter distanced herself from the media after the broadcast of the documentary in which her sister attacked the entire family. She herself assured that those 15 episodes of hers hurt her so much that she had to seek professional help. Despite everything, Gloria Camila wanted to reach out to Rocío and did so: “I made calls to talk about things the right way, face to face, without having to go to lawyers or trials”has confessed in Public mirror. “Many things have to be talked about and they wouldn't be over the phone. I took the step of calling her so I could talk things over properly.”

The relationship between the sisters seems completely broken but Gloria Camila does not lose hope: “On my part there has always been interest. I try not to cling to the past or the mistakes that have been made.”

Precisely this Thursday, Rocío Carrasco returns to TVE to participate in the program Blood tiesin which he will remember, along with María del Monte (among others), the figure of his mother.