Gloria Camila, desperate after meeting her sister Rocío Carrasco’s “band” on Antena 3

On September 18, coinciding with the 80th birthday of his mother, Rocío Jurado, Gloria Camilla She decided to return to work on television after months away from it. But for a few days now the daughter of Ortega Cano she is sorry. It was last Wednesday when she arrived on the set of Public mirror and he met one of his “greatest enemies.”

According to what they have told Informalia, The tension was evident in the atmosphere because his stepsister Rocio Carrasco He didn’t know he was going to meet Luis Pliego, director of the magazine Readings, who intervenes as a member. “Sometimes you have to live in space and time with people you don’t like,” she said.

Gloria Camila considers that the journalist (and friend of Jorge Javier Vázquez) has made many covers attacking her, her father and her niece Rocío Flores to favor Rocío Carrasco. According to what they tell us, in the VIP room where they wait to enter the program they did not speak to each other. In fact, Gloria Camila considered that she had been “set up,” they tell us. She privately referred to her sister’s group of ‘friends’ as Rocío’s ‘band’.

Live the tension could be cut with a knife. It could be verified in the program. The situation was so delicate for Gloria Camila that her colleagues wanted to make light of it by talking about it: “Where is this coming from?” Gema López asked directly. “I and Luis have had to deny headlines that he has given in his magazine and that is the key,” said Rocío Jurado’s daughter.

Pliego defended himself. “Let’s see, give me an example with papers because, of course, the saying ‘many times I have had to deny’ is not valid because sometimes things go to networks, Twitter and get crazy,” he challenged her. “Well, look, precisely the tweet that I have to deny is one written by you directly. You say that there is a lawsuit that is not going to go forward due to lack of crime and “I deny it to you and I give you proof that it is not due to lack of crime,” Gloria replied. “Oh, you say that because of the lawsuit that you filed against your sister that was filed because there was no crime? I have the judicial file and that goes to mass. You can say what you want,” Pliego continued. Gloria did not give up the fight: “This goes much further. You have often made headlines that have always been bad for me or my family and you try to favor the other party. Now if he knows more than me…”, she concluded. daughter of Ortega Cano.

Of course, they did not reach any agreement and they tell us that they did not approach positions off camera either, at the end of the program. Luis continued doing his thing and Gloria left the way she had come but with monumental anger. She doesn’t want to meet him again. Public mirror and so he let the people of the program know.

Gloria believes that the director of Readings favors his sister with the topics he publishes Rocio Carrasco because they are friends and she and her father harm her whenever she can on purpose. Hence her dislike of him, which, of course, comes from afar. In fact, Luis was the protagonist of a video recorded in a restaurant in Madrid where he had met with Rocío Carrasco and her husband, Fidel Albiac, and which was very controversial because of what that meant.

Years without speaking to his sister Rocío

Gloria has not spoken to her older sister for years, like the rest of her family, and Rocío Carrasco’s documentary broadcast on Telecinco only added fuel to the fire. So much so that they even went to court, since the first-born daughter agreed to issue documents that belonged to the tonadillera and Gloria considered that they were private to her. That was archived but each one says it was for a different reason.

But if this encounter were not enough, they tell us that Gloria is also uncomfortable about something else. She said yes to Public mirror at the end of the summer because it was about Antena 3 and she was moving away from Telecinco and Sálvame, because she considers that Jorge Javier’s program did a lot of damage to her and her father. However, she has begun to regret it because the space of Susanna Griso It’s not the same as before.

Gloria Camila has met people from whom she had fled: Alberto Díaz is now in charge of the heart part of the morning show on Antena 3, and was one of the directors of Save me. He has also met Gema López as a presenter and at the gossip table sit Pilar Vidal, Miquel Valls (partner of David Valldeperas, the other director of Sálvame), Sofía Cristo, Alonso Caparrós and even Joaquín Torres (partner of Raúl Prieto, who was also director of Sálvame). Anyway, she started very happy but she begins to have some doubts.