Girona likes each other and promises to try until the end

Girona beat Zaragoza 3-0 in a match that soon turned their faces on them and in which they liked each other from start to finish. With this victory, orchestrated by goals from Stuani, Nahuel and Mamadou, they are three points from the playoff and reach the decisive stage in excellent form.

The start could not have been better for Girona, who in minute 5 saw López Toca signal a penalty by the hands of Jair Amador inside the area. Stuani, king of the maximum penalty, did not fail and put the first in the electronic. The goal encouraged Francisco's men, who in the first half hour of play were the clear dominators of the game and were even able to score the second in a counterattack. Zaragoza, shy and unable to find a way to hurt, had their best moment before the break, but their arrivals were successfully solved.

As soon as the second started, Girona could sentence, but Mamadou erred, incomprehensibly, and Cristian Álvarez saved without problems. Jim's men took a step forward, but without having clear options. It seemed complicated that the match could end without further movement and it was Girona who struck for the second time. Nahuel, who had entered moments before, headed an excellent center from Gumbau at the far post. The icing on the cake reached 5 'to go. Sylla, the only forward who had not seen the goal, controlled up front and this time he did not fail to make it 3-0.

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Girona: Juan Carlos; Well, Juanpe, Arnau; Yan Couto, Cristóforo (Ramon Terrats, min.73), Monchu, Gumbau (Ibrahima Kebé, min.73), Aday (Luna, min.60); Stuani (Nahuel Bustos, min.60); and Mamadou (Yoel Bárcenas, min.85).

Real Zaragoza: Álvarez; Tejero, Peybernes, Jair Amador, Carlos Nieto; Adrián González, Zapater, Sanabria (James, min.82), Francho (Álex Alegría, min.82); Narváez; and Fernández (Iván Azón, min.45).

Goals: 1-0, min.5: Stuani, 2-0, min.66: Nahuel Bustos, 3-0, min.83: Mamadou.

Referee: López Toca (Cantabrian Committee). He admonished the locals Aday (52 '), Bueno (57'), Gumbau (66 ') and Luna (77') and the visitors Fernández (17 '), Tejero (59').