Giorgi Shermadini, ‘MVP Movistar’ of the month of April in the Endesa League


The Georgian player Giorgi Shermadini (Lenovo Tenerife) is the ‘MVP Movistar’ for the month of April in the Endesa League thanks to his 27.4 average rating points, thus repeating the distinction achieved last March and reaching a total of ten monthly ‘MVP’ in the domestic competition.

“With an average rating of 27.4, the Lenovo Tenerife center is crowned Movistar MVP of the month, having also won the award in March. He is reaping the 10th monthly crown of his career, equaling the mythical Tanoka Beard, historical leader of the League Endesa in this section”, announced the ACB.

Shermadini achieves the ‘MVP Movistar’ for April with averages of 18.6 points –with 83% shooting from two and 85.7% free throws–, 5.7 rebounds and a PIR of 27.4 in seven games played , with only 22.53 minutes on track on average.

His best game was at the Palau Blaugrana against Barça, contributing 27 points (11 of 12 from the field) and a PIR of 37. He also exceeded 30 in PIR against Unicaja (matchday 29), Río Breogán (matchday 28) and Urbas Fuenlabrada (matchday 19).

Against Unicaja, Shermadini led his team to victory with 19 points, 9 rebounds, a PIR of 30 and an overwhelming plus/minus of +26 with him on the court. Against Río Breogán, he also triumphed for his team with 19 points and a PIR of 32 for the Georgian. And against Urbas Fuenlabrada, 23 points, 9 rebounds, a PIR of 33 and, again, +26 with Shermadini on the court.

His weakest game was against Real Madrid, with just 15 minutes and 11 points and unable to avoid the defeat of his team. In total, Lenovo Tenerife won 4 of their 7 matches played in April thanks in large part to Shermadini.