“Getafe is not going to fly to Italy, despite whoever weighs …”

Ángel Torres, president of Getafe, He will not allow his team to travel to Milan to face Inter, in the round of the Europa League. If you intend to follow the mandate of the decree of the Government and thus gave its sharp position in The Transistor of Wave Zero.

Shield / Flag Getafe

Match against Inter: “Getafe is not going to fly to Italy, despite whoever weighs him. If we lose the tie we will do it with a very high head. I am afraid that my people will be contaminated. We go to the main focus. We cannot play with those conditions And we will dispute it next season or when they leave us. We must not go to Italy, we can only bring the virus and get infected. We have changed the training in the afternoon, to have more hours but at this time, Getafe does not is going to travel”.

Conversation Luis Rubiales: “If it depends on me, we do not travel. I prohibit the request of special permits on my behalf. I do not want to take risks of contagion and that people travel scared. I have been told to request a special permit from the Ministry of Development but I will not ask for any permission. I'm not going to a place where I don't want to go

Alternative: “We have asked UEFA to look for an alternative to play in Milan. We do not want to get into the focus of the coronavirus, we have no need. We have also asked the Federation for help to demand the suspension.”

Inter de Milan: “The people of Inter with whom we have spoken recognize us that it is incomprehensible that we have to travel there. I am not going to consent.”

UEFA: “UEFA tells us to ask the government for a special permit. I will not do it, I will stick to the laws of my country.”

International parties: “We should also stop the selections. We cannot allow players to go there and then come with the virus.”

LaLiga, behind closed doors: “If this does not change, we must suspend LaLiga. I could not play eleven days behind closed doors.”

Communiqué of the Association of Italian Footballers (AIC) and the AFE

The Association of Italian Footballers (AIC) and the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE), given the very serious reality that affects the whole society in general, and especially that of both countries, they want to jointly state the following:

one- The situation that is being experienced in Europe, especially in Italy and in Spain, regarding the serious health crisis due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, is confronting us all to make decisive and unfortunately inevitable decisions.

two- Four qualifiers to be played between Italian and Spanish teams, Champions League and Europa League, were scheduled and Valencia-Atalanta has already been played on Tuesday. Meanwhile, at the same time the Spanish Government has raised the emergency level, blocking flights from Italy.

3- In Italy, the level of national emergency rises over time.

4- Playing a game in Italy, where Getafe and Seville must travel, will put the health of many players, many people at risk.

5- Trips between Italy and Spain, and vice versa, in the coming weeks, are expected to be even more dangerous and complicated. Therefore, the risk that comes with playing matches in Italy and Spain is more than evident, they would be played in national emergency conditions by both countries.

6- AIC and AFE, jointly, ask UEFA that the matches between Italian and Spanish teams be suspended so that they are played in the future in conditions of greater security and less national emergency in both countries.

7- The problem caused by the Coronavirus is a global issue, it is not only from Italy and Spain. Therefore, both unions are confident that serious reflection will be opened on the programming of the next European competition matches, taking into account at all times that the severity of the health emergency is rising steadily over time.