Get ready for a great day of college basketball on Saturday, with top-10 games like Duke vs. UNC and Tennessee vs. Kentucky.

Get ready for a great day of college basketball on Saturday, with top-10 games like Duke vs. UNC and Tennessee vs. Kentucky.

It’s going to be a great Saturday for college basketball, so buckle up and enjoy. There are only elite games packed on top of each other. The Saturday games might be the best we’ve had all season.

He is in the Basketball Hall of Fame and is one of the best coaches in college basketball history. He knows that UConn is a good school.

This year, he saw it when the Johnnies lost to a UConn team without Donovan Clingan, 69–65. He saw it happen with his dangerous Iona team in the first complete in the NCAA Tournament against UConn.

Before this game, St. John’s had only played one game in ten days. Now is a great time to check yourself out and add a fresh item to the holster.

Don’t be shocked if Pitino encompasses something planned for what might be the best college basketball team.

This weekend, college basketball will start for a lot of people across the country. Now that the undergraduate football playoffs are over, college basketball will be the main event in the coming weeks. The NFL has one more game left.

Duke-North Carolina was the main point. It’s the star of the whole sport. This show has always been more than just college basketball, no matter what else is going on in the sport that year.

This season will be no different; the winner will get to brag about it and have more people believe in their Final Four dreams.

Tar Heels teacher Hubert Davis told his players, “You can whine as well as complain, point fingers and make excuses, or you can get stand up and move forward.” “To me, there’s not really a choice.”

Duke (16-4, 7-2) has had some bad luck over the last month and has had to deal with injuries that have kept several players out of action.

However, they have won three straight games and 11 of their last 12 games. They beat Virginia Tech 77–67 on Monday, making it four straight wins on the road for Duke.

The coach of Duke said, “This team has already been in a lot of different places.” “This is what makes you come to Duke.”

In its best game in ACC play this season, Duke shot 55.4 percent toward Virginia Tech, which put it in second place. That included making 9 out of 17 3-point shots.

Before the Georgia Tech game, the Tar Heels had held their last 10 opponents to 70 points or less.

But on Tuesday night, they shot just 36.4% from the field, which is the lowest percentage of the season.

Other than RJ Davis, who scored 28 points, every other North Carolina player scored in double figures.

Three starters for the Tar Heels—Cormac Ryan, Harrison Ingram, and freshman Elliot Cadeau—will be playing their first game against Duke.

Ryan has played against Duke before when he was at Notre Dame. For 14 games in a row, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels have started with the same lineup.

He told his team, “Regroup and gain insight from the mistakes,” after they lost to the Yellow Jackets. “Grow from them while making sure in the following match you don’t make those kinds of mistakes.”

Whenever North Carolina plays Duke, it tries to get the ball back as often as possible. This season, the Blue Devils were all over the boards.

“We’ve been somewhat inconsistent when it comes to rebounding in the past few games,” Filipowski stated. “We need those reminders all the time.”

It depends on the game. Sometimes Mark Mitchell and I might not get as many rebounds, or Ryan Young might.

In those games, we need to be more careful about boxing out our guys so the guards are able to come down and crash.

Last season, Duke beat the Tar Heels both times they played. But North Carolina has a 20–18 advantage in games played in the Smith Center and a 65–39 overall advantage within Chapel Hill. The Blue Devils have won their last two trips there.