Gerard Valentín lands on property in Lugo

The signing, advanced exclusively by teammate Marcos Basadre, was simmering, but it was this Monday when the events rushed forward and ended up crystallizing with the end again clad in the albivermella shirt. The first step was taken by Deportivo, which in the middle of a statement reporting different aspects slipped that the one in Avignon by Puig Ventós He had unilaterally exercised the clause that allowed him to leave the A Coruña club in the event of relegation to Second B. The player, tired that the negotiations with the Blue and Whites did not bear fruit, took the initiative.

Lugo Shield / Flag

From there, it was a matter of time before CD Lugo, the third vertex of this negotiation, announced the incorporation of the player, that he preferred to return to the club that has relaunched his career in the last year and a half despite having other offers from clubs such as Real Oviedo on the table. Not in vain, Valentín has been decisive in the permanence of last season, in addition to being a shock in the winter market two years ago, when his arrival to loans from A Coruña relaunched the team.

Gerard Valentín commits to Lugo for the next two seasons, in which he is called to be one of the team's mainstays, already as a full member of the albivermella staff. With its incorporation, the whole of the walled city closes the right band and adds a new and important reinforcement after the team showed its deficiencies in the first league match.