Gerard Piqué, a laughing stock against Inter: will he move to Miami with Clara, as they shout at him on the pitch?

Do they negatively influence Gerard Piqué your emotional state and your problems with Shakira when playing soccer? That is what experts in the art of football think and, above all, the large legion of those who attack him on social networks after his resounding failure in the second goal of the Inter de Milan last Wednesday, when he let the ball pass without appreciating that he had an Italian player behind him and thereby unintentionally helped the ball enter his team’s goal. An inexplicable failure in a professional of his category.

In the Barça They believe that the defender has lost concentration, that the disagreements caused by his breakup with the Colombian singer affect him and not to mention the harassment of the paparazzi. And that shows on the pitch. His detractors also blame him for prioritizing his new courtship with Clara Chia and his multiple businesses on top of his football career.

In the game against Inter, some fans shouted at him like “Piqué, go to Miami”, implying that they want him out of the Barça team. Quite a humiliation for those who have spent so many years defending the colors of his love team.

His professional future is a mystery. It was rumored that, after separating from Shakira, he could have reached a secret agreement with the mother of her children to settle, the two, of course, separately, in the United States, exactly in Miami. But sources close to the Blaugrana central denied it to us weeks ago. Moreover, they assured us that Piqué, at 35 years old, what he wants is to end his contract with Barcelona and then dedicate himself to his prosperous business. There is even talk of his intention to become president of the Blaugrana entity in the future.

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The Colombian artist has a house in Miami and wants to go to American lands with her two children. Gerard has denied that possibility, but there are those who now maintain that the situation is changing, in the sense that he could sign for a team based in Miami and finish his career there. “He neither has nor has had any offer,” they told us. But if he continues to play so bloody poorly he may reconsider. The champions is only for the best and it is clear that Shakira’s ex no longer belongs to that group.

On the other hand, if the one from Barranquilla gets her way, moving to Florida would mean for Piqué to be close to the children. But would Clara follow him on her American adventure? Everything points to yes. The relationship between the two has been fully strengthened in recent months and they are already living together.