Genoveva, destroyed: discovers the traitor who leaked her date with Frederick of Denmark to the media

The ex of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo He doesn't raise his head. It has been a month since his meeting with Frederick of Denmark in Madrid and despite the fact that those responsible for the images that went around the world assured that they came across them by chance in El Retiro, Genoveva Casanova He never believed it. Since her isolation, the Mexican has connected the dots to discover who was the person who informed the press of everything and they assure that she has already managed to give him a name and surname.

According to Fiesta, the philosopher is devastated, because the alleged mole is a person very close to her, a member of her inner circle from whom she never expected such a betrayal. Obviously, Genevieve protected her friendship with Frederick of Denmark to the extreme, because she knew that there was no other way to continue with her except in the strictest secrecy, so that the person who knew her was, as we say, someone very , very closely.

The pain is threefold now: for being located in the eye of the European media hurricane, for seeing how her friendship with the Danish heir is irremediably broken, and for the betrayal of someone she believed to be infallible.

Genoveva tries to heal her wounds while still away from the spotlight. She first took refuge in the Arbaizena Palace, a magnificent building located in San Sebastián that is owned by her ex-husband. However, she had to abandon him when she was located by the paparazzi and head to London, where her children, Luis and Amina, live. Here she lost track: there are those who claim that she crossed the pond to settle in Mexico, her native land, the only place where she now feels protected; Others claim that she returned to Spain and is much closer than we think.