Genoveva Casanova’s friend meter: the intimates of the Mexican, from Luis Miguel to Federico from Denmark

Genoveva Casanova She has been with well-known, powerful, rich and media men, although Amina and Luis’s mother has always shown great modesty when it comes to displaying her relationships, and never confirmed all of them as courtships, often explaining that they were friends, like has done with Frederick of Denmark.

The Mexican diplomat

In Genoveva’s noviometer we must include a Mexican diplomat and politician named Porfirio Muñoz Porfirio Thierry Muñoz-Ledo Chevannier. He fell in love with her in Paris shortly before she met Cayetano Martínez de Irujo. She was 23 years old and he was almost 40. Genoveva was visiting the French capital and he was the head of the chancery at the Mexican Embassy. From the first minute they understood each other very well.

The horseman son of the Duchess of Alba

At the end of 2000, Casanova met Cayetano in Jerez de la Frontera during a horse trial and soon became pregnant with twins Luis and Amina. They were born in the summer but did not get married until four years later, on October 15, 2005 in Seville. Two years later they separated by mutual agreement. They get along very well. The Duchess of Alba died nine years ago convinced that her son and the mother of her grandchildren would return.

The singer Luis Miguel, today the boyfriend of his friend Paloma Cuevas

It was not easy to raise the mark after a diplomat and a duke: but his compatriot Luis Miguel, known as the Sun of Mexico, is a God in his country. After divorcing the aristocratic equestrian who made her her mother, the former Duchess of Salvatierra was photographed on more than one occasion sharing getaways around the world. Neither she nor of course the singer confirmed (or denied) the dating rumors.

Gonzalo Vargas Llosa, the son of the Nobel Prize in Literature

In 2009, Gonzalo Vargas Llosa, one of the children of Nobel Prize winner and Patricia Llosa, appeared in his life. Genoveva and Gonzalo worked together for UNHCR and shared so much love and solidarity that it spread to them, although intermittently. A year later, when the novelist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, the relationship was made official at the award ceremony in Stockholm. Two years later that ended.

José María Michavila, the widowed former minister

The former Minister of Justice of the Aznar era, José María Michavila, never handled Genoveva’s popularity at all well: the paparazzi, the photocalls and the society parties made him cloy. The lawyer had lost his wife a year before meeting Genoveva: the mother of her children died after suffering a brain hemorrhage that occurred during the birth of her fifth child. Their relationship lasted years but with many interruptions. Until he got engaged and married his current wife, Alejandra Salinas, niece of Mercedes Dear and related to the Romanov.

The rancher and landowner José Manuel Gayán Pacheco: another friend

Just a year ago, Genoveva Casanova gave explanations after being photographed with a wealthy businessman dedicated to livestock, José Manuel Gayán Pacheco. “He is my best friend, since before I had children. He was at my wedding, at my children’s baptism, at their coming-out. They have seen me having dinner with him and the children, eating with him and with Cayetano. Two hundred thousand times throughout these twenty-three years. To invent at this point that I have a romantic relationship with José is incredible. I just can’t believe it,” the Mexican explained in Hola. Days before, the magazine Week He had photographed them and never claimed that they were together as a couple.

“It’s a delirium. They’ve also asked me seven hundred times over all these years and they keep making up the same thing. With him and with anyone. It’s just that really…”

In this sense, the ex of the former minister José María Michavila He adds: “Suddenly making up why I’m going to dinner with him for my birthday with him. I don’t understand it. Because just because I go out to dinner with a man and he gives me a hug doesn’t mean that I’m involved with him, that I’m having an affair.” or all the things they are saying.

The images of both of them certainly showed a lot of affection and affinity after they celebrated her birthday together. Genoveva turns 47 this November 8 in the midst of the hurricane caused by the scandal of her relationship with Federico of Denmark and denying, once again, that theirs is more than a friendship.

However, the graphic report provided by Lecturas does not need captions: a walk, dinner alone, a night at the Mexican woman’s home… Nothing is missing. Genoveva Casanova is a free woman but Frederick of Denmark, in addition to being the heir to the Danish crown, is a married man with four children.

If Genoveva Casanova’s explanations Not everyone is convinced by the overwhelming scenes captured by photographers during her day and a half with Federico, what will Mary Donaldson think? when your husband tells you why he went to Madrid to see museums, to enjoy flamenco, to have dinner with a friend at the Corral de la Morería, and above all why he slept at home instead of at the hotel.

Genoveva Casanova assured just a year ago that she was not anxious to find someone, although she did not close the door either: “I wouldn’t mind meeting someone. If suddenly a person appears who can help me, then great. That doesn’t mean that I am looking or there’s no one hanging around or anything at all.